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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
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    nopc and nopm bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Changed Status to Fixed
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    Blastpro power bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
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    $1 bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Changed Status to Fixed
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    Missing smilies

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Hello! xat has released a new sidebar menu - called Quickbar! Access features and settings more quickly now! How can I access Quickbar ? To access Quickbar, click on the button with the arrow on the right side of the chat. What can I do ? We have implemented many options in Quickbar including three new features! Hide Userlist - Allows you to collapse/expand the userlist Night Mode - Enable the night chat mode Favorite Groups - Set and access your favorite groups (NEW!) Ignored users - See who you ignored (NEW!) Translator - Access the translator quickly Settings - Open chat settings Smilies - Access to the smiley selector Events - Fast way to the group events page What’s new? - View the latest xat version changes User counter - See how many users are online in the chat (NEW!) Favorite groups The Favorite Groups feature allows you to add a group as a favorite group. To access the feature, go on Quickbar, click “Favorite Groups”. A new toggle option will be displayed for the current group (if you wish to add it) and the list of your favorites groups. By clicking on a favorite group from the list, it will open the group page in a new tab. If you wish to not have a group as favorite anymore, simply hover the group and click the red cross on the right to remove it. Ignored users We knew it was annoying to not be able to manage the users you ignored, so we gave you the ability to easily manage it! Just like for Favorites Groups, go on Quickbar and click on “Ignored Users” to see a list of all the user that you ignored. If you wish to not ignore a user anymore, simply hover the user and click the red cross on the right to remove them. _ _ _ Quickbar will receive more features and improvements over time, but you may still give feedback or suggest new ideas below. Enjoy!
  16. Refresh the chat when you enable/disable the power.
  17. SLOom

    users list issue

    Hello, We are already aware of this issue. Thank you.
  18. Hello, This bug was already reported here: We are currently looking with admins the cause of this issue but at the moment, it's not known yet. Feel free to post on the thread I mentioned if you have more informations. Thank you.
  19. Changed Status to Fixed
  20. Stickers are now added in the default filter.
  21. Stickers are now added in the default filter.
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