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  1. Why what ? Did you recreate the chat or what ? I can't fix if you don't tell me. Fixed. https://xat.com/ohana?z
  2. Ah, you created the group again... Assigned the group to the old chat ID. https://xat.com/myrafm?zz (there is cache, so ?zz is needed for now)
  3. It doesn't redirect to groups.php Fixed https://xat.com/gadueamigosvip?z
  4. Should be fixed. Old chat ID was reassigned to the chat name. https://xat.com/radioamici2009?z
  5. Fixed. https://xat.com/PortalVCMuOnline?z
  6. Sorry for the delay. They are now working. You may need to add ?z at the end of each group because of a cache issue. E.g: https://xat.com/SoydeCristo?z Thank you for your patience. ---- Fixed. xat.com/latinos_in_sould?z
  7. If it's getting added, it will be probably HTML5 only imo. And macros are purely a joke now.. we can have a setting instead.
  8. Since this bug has been solved, I'll close this thread.
  9. Nvm found it. Chat is fixed now. xat.com/prishtinachat?s
  10. https://xat.com/IslandDanceClub?q is now back online.
  11. KFMRadioListeners: fixed RadioLaMadrina: fixed pistao: fixed apoio: fixed granhermanolandia: fixed May need to add ?z at the end. (cache issue)
  12. Please post chats which are redirected to xat.com/groups but are working by the chat ID. animaperfetta => working.
  13. Hello, The single hat is only working if you are not married or BFF. I think, it should be mentioned in the wiki. It's mentioned on the hat wiki but not single one. @Crow ?
  14. [FIXED] Announcement: Flash chat is currently not working. We recommend you to use HTML5 chat for now until admins have solved the issue.


    Update 1: Flash chat is back. You may need to clear your cache. Admins are still working on servers, so you might be disconnected/reconnected a lot of times.


    Update 2: Everything is back. If you notice any errors, please private chat me.

    1. Jedi


      Apparently it's working now (for bots at least).

    2. SLOom


      Yes, Flash is now working again.


      You may need to clear your cache.

  15. The ?lang param is not made to be stored in cookies yet. For now, it's just a way to see the homepage in another language. It will be implemented later.
  16. @Mihay Not sure if your smilies are 100% working. They look kinda broken on HTML5:
  17. Your list is good (not fully correct) but testers and admins have already a board with full of bugs to fix and things (missing features/suggestions) to add. Each version, we try to have a list of things to add next but admins have their priorities and we cannot deny this fact and force them to do something out of their todolist. We cannot guarantee the addition of missing features in the next version but we try our best for. That's my input about.
  18. Flash is blocked by default but you still can access it. Found a quick tutorial on Internet about this: https://prnt.sc/omih8s Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/434334/how-to-enable-adobe-flash-in-google-chrome-76/ It has been mentioned that in end of 2020, Google will definitely remove Flash from Chrome.
  19. What do you mean ? I'm not sure to understand well.
  20. Issue has been fixed. You should now be able to connect on HTML5 and mobile.
  21. Issue has been resolved. Please clear your cache and try again.
  22. Issue has been resolved. Please clear your cache and try again.
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