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  1. "This power is useless" Just because it's HTML5 power only ? You guys need to get used of it and stop complaining. We will have a lot of stickers powers in the future, so you are not done complaining. ūüėČ And anyways, no one is forcing you to buy it but at least, respect a little the work of smiley makers.
  2. is it ok for https://xat.com/royalfm?q ? I'm not sure for this one "magiainimii" :S
  3. SLOom


    Bumping this. Now, i'm in the favor to have a "subforum" called "Updates/Announcements" which only testers/mod and administrators can post. Why did I include the testers? This is simple (and no, it's not about favoritism). We are often involved in users reports when it's about groups/servers etc and after that, we have the communication between admins. Last time, we had an issue with Flash not loading properly because of a server problem. I had to set a status update (not comfortable + everyone didn't see it) . Instead, I could've been made a post and updated this post.
  4. With Mihay powers, you have to repeat 2 times the smiley name. E.g: dinoroar#dinoroar#size#w5 || dinoegg#dinoegg#size#w7 Etc.
  5. Continue to take suggestions from forum, it's appreciated from users. Nice job anyways.
  6. Did you recreate the chat recently? Because this thread is only reserved to groups which were removed randomly. Done. https://xat.com/Radio_Yaqui?s
  7. If this is something that you can do with CSS, I doubt we need a power for that. I find the idea very interesting to set multiple backgrounds and let the users choose which background they want to use. I'm pretty sure we can get something for new web!
  8. Fixed. https://xat.com/radiolacalabresellanelmondo?s
  9. https://postimages.org/ ? http://uploads.im/ ? hotlinking of images (not sure how to explain well about!)
  10. It is. https://xat.com/RadioPutereaDragostei?z back to old chat ID so her powers are there again. (cache issue, need to add ?z at the end)
  11. The problem is, we had redirected Ajutor last week to Assistance and it wasn't deleted. I'm not sure how it was done but it will be fixed to be redirected again to Assistance.
  12. I suggest you a potential solution (maybe it can work): Clear localstorage under xat.com domain (you can google how) Relogin on xat.com/login And see if it works.
  13. Do you have by any chance the old chat ID ? (If you created the chat again)
  14. The following groups were fixed: Vagos_vip zonadjsgroup They are still cached so you will have to wait to have them back. How can it be cloned by someone? We made it to be redirected to Assistance :S
  15. Agreed with that. We can't remove something that were here since a long time. We can eventually add new avatars as well.
  16. After several reports regarding the promotion page from old web, please use https://xat.com/store#!promotion for now or even forever.


    Admins are looking to fix the issue with blank page after submit.


    An update will be provided when this is fixed.

  17. Someone can translate this ? I sent an email to admins about this and now it should be fixed. Try to do the captcha again and then see if it works. Thanks.
  18. It's a choice to remove my comment but after all, it's your own fault if this user is not getting his chat fixed at all. @batuelmejor2010 Did you recreate the chat ? Is it the old chat - xat.com/xat79484635 ? Those information will be needed to get your chat fixed. Thank you.
  19. Fixed. http://xat.com/tvtugadesportoonline?z
  20. Why what ? Did you recreate the chat or what ? I can't fix if you don't tell me. Fixed. https://xat.com/ohana?z
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