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  1. This is not an issue actually. The timestamp for pawns has expired and since HTML5 doesn't use this system, it works like a charm I emailed admins with explanations about this and should be fixed soon.
  2. SLOom

    Power TYPING

    It will be fixed in a future update of the HTML5 chat.
  3. Happy birthday big nose ! 😘

  4. The hat "ribbonf" were previously broken and is now fixed!
  5. SLOom


    This is not something new and a similar issue was opened by Leandro a few months ago. To answer you, this is a lack of feature which is NOT added yet and not a bug. Since it was already reported, I'm closing this thread.
  6. SLOom


    The pawns work for me ? (since it's released) What is wrong here with the pawns?
  7. I think, it makes more sense to disable it in the subforums and statuses in question, so it's not going to be "abused" in the places where it should not be used. (unless if it's already disabled!) This is just my thought about.
  8. ENERGYFX is now available in store.
  9. It's unlimited since yesterday. You can see this information on the power banner and store (not having "LIMITED" in the description). Wiki needs to be updated as well.
  10. Amazing work, Mr @Mihay (even for the pawns!!)
  11. Since this is old web, i'm closing this thread.
  12. SLOom

    (: Smiley issue

    This bug is now fixed in the latest version of the HTML5 chat.
  13. This bug is now fixed in the latest version of the HTML5 chat.
  14. Back in 2016 when they had done the same thing with some powers. I think the suggestion itself is good but as mentioned, resellers are going to take a slap in the face because a lot of users will attempt to buy in the xat store again (for superpowers/platinium) but if the promotion is temporary, I think it would work. For the platinium part, it should be permanent otherwise it's pointless to give something if it's temporary. We can say, it's a way to thank the users for purchasing on xat.
  15. Both ideas are interesting, but i'm not sure about showing last users ? Is it so important ? I meant, it's not going to promote them so I think it's better to show only the last groups. For the idea to display the elements, I think it's better to do a new container with some solid icons and below each icon, you put the text in question. Maybe like this: https://i.imgur.com/Dqxj1Cu.png but in a better way so it doesn't stifle the top part. If the suggestion is getting a lot of feedback, we can eventually see for something, review it with admins and maybe get this added i
  16. Hello, There is currently a bug with nameglow and namecolor which is forcing you to have HAT power to have both powers working. We are looking to fix it very soon! Thank you for reporting, you will be noticed when it is fixed.
  17. Hello, The power of this week is a COLLECTION for Halloween! A total of 23 pawns have been added and 1 smiley. Here is the list of the pawns: hat#h#vamp hat#h#cape hat#h#scaryghost hat#h#reap1 hat#h#reap2 hat#h#blood hat#h#zhand hat#h#widow hat#h#boo1 hat#h#boo2 hat#h#boo3 hat#h#gzombie hat#h#gpumpkin hat#h#ghost hat#h#gcoffin hat#h#gcauldron
  18. SLOom

    chat edit

    It doesn't really delete the chat, but it will just delete the informations about you (email, name ... and your main owner rank). Admins were forced to add this for the GDPR but in a near future, we can see for a possibility to delete the chat at all.
  19. SLOom

    564 - Nin

    I'm not going to do a full comment with all the details. If you don't know how to use them, please read one of these wiki for more information: nat fido mythy Here we go for the stickers of the power: (nin.flowers#YOURMESSAGE) (nin.ouch#YOURMESSAGE) (nin.what#YOURMESSAGE) (nin.hide#YOURMESSAGE) (nin.zoom#YOURMESSAGE) Preview (in order):
  20. SLOom

    564 - Nin

    It's a sticker power.
  21. SLOom


    Internet explorer does not support the latest technologies which xat is using. They have to use another browser to access xat.
  22. SLOom

    Away power issue

    Away is now fully working in the latest version of the chat.
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