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  1. It should've been posted in the bugs tracker since this is most likely a bug. It will be fixed in the future. This is intended. You will not be able to gain main owner via old web anymore once a main owner were added on new web.
  2. It happens because you did a lot of actions in a row. It can be improved in the future to not "empty" the table but instead a message would be displayed. Manage power will be reworked in a near future to work better with this new main owner system.
  3. @iSanty Congratulations for this awesome power! I'm pretty sure the LGBT community is going to enjoy this power very much! Keep up the good work.
  4. Happy birthday !

    1. Voymo


      HAAAAAPPPYYY Birthday @DjCrazy


    2. DjCrazy


      Thank you Sloomy (blowkiss) and thank you so much for being here for me (hug)

  5. This is called idle time. You are automatically disconnected/kicked out of the chat only if you have been away for X minutes. This is not a bug, but this is something which has always been there (even on flash).
  6. SLOom

    New chat edit bug

    This is now up on the latest version. @Daniel Can you check if this is good for you ? Make sure to clear cache before.
  7. SLOom

    Main owners bug

    Nice catch. Thank you for reporting. You will be noticed once it's fixed.
  8. What do you suggest? Hide export button or simply show a message "No setting to export" ?
  9. SLOom

    fell server

    No maintenance or anything was planned. A bad issue happened after admins updated a small thing on server and it should now be fixed. When xat is in maintenance, admins are always posting something on Twitter before doing something, so you cant say that admins dont care.
  10. SLOom

    New chat edit bug

    The error message is actually wrong. It's supposed to say "Timed out. Please start over" instead of the current message you saw. It should be fixed in the next version.
  11. Too lazy to answer all statuses so, thank you all for the birthday wishes! 

    1. Cupim


      I knew you'd say that.


      So here I'm: Happy late bday.


      Reply me!

  12. We understand totally your disappointment regarding HTML5 development and we do our best to pleasure users. For your concerns, we are not just testing on Chrome and Opera but Chrome, Opera and Safari (because we have Apple testers). You might also know that we started to track Firefox/Edge bugs even tho if we had already tracked some of them but it appears that they are extremely hard to fix (like shaking smilies). You will still need to wait before seeing things fixed on Firefox but we took the commitment to test as well on Firefox for the next features. We know you prefer xat to fix bugs instead of adding new features but we prefer to do both (fix bugs / add new features) because it's a way to attract users by using HTML5 chat over Flash chat even if it's not going to have effect on all users. We have a board where we are tracking bugs, and we also count on users to report bugs on the bugs tracker. It's also a job for users to tell us bugs that we didn't find, so if you find a bugs, report it in the bug tracker ! Thank you for your input regarding HTML5 development.
  13. Already considered with a better concept than the groups powers design (we are still discussing this.) But that's not something which will come very soon since it's considered low priority compared to the better stuff we will add.
  14. Yes. All games from flash version will be available on HTML5 version in the future. You will have to stay patient until it's released!
  15. It won't be possible unfortunately. Back in a time when we had tested with small button but it was breaking with some languages, so we decided to use big buttons.
  16. What if you change your status manually on edit profile or with macros? Will it update the status set for this chat with the one you set manually or?
  17. A better idea (not saying yours is bad) is already in lab to improve the dialog even more than actually (not only changing text etc).
  18. They are now all uploaded (img/swf). I'll be closing this thread since this is now fixed.
  19. This is being worked on and all missing images should be added soon (admins are on it).
  20. Ok, looks like it's not working properly on Firefox. We will be sure to make it working on Firefox when reworking it. Thank you for reporting!
  21. This is not a bug regarding mirror. It's because you used a combination while you didn't have mirror power and it replaced the #m code by "none". If you do "!test d#m", it will work properly.
  22. Thank you for reporting Admins have been noticed of this issue and should be fixed very soon. Fixed now! Please note to report this issue (which is not a html5 one) in the support forum next time!
  23. This is the same on every websites including Slack/Discord etc. What you want xat to do if there will always have a way to "bypass" ? If you have an idea which wouldn't be bypassed, then suggest it here (disable right click/or f12 is not a solution).
  24. SLOom

    account ID BUG

    Thank you for reporting. You will be noticed once this bug has been fixed.
  25. Nameflag is not implemented on HTML5 chat yet.
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