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    We will be fixing it for 1.55.4 Thanks for reporting
  2. Hello! Is it a surprise ? No! This is a pre-announcement for BANTIMES power suggested by @slint. That means, you will not be able to test right now. You can find his original suggestion here: Bantimes will not be released (or could be) this week as xat needs to release 629 before. What is bantimes? First, this is not a ban power like FLIPBAN. It's a power which allows you to pre-set rule with a duration. How do I add rules ? The system will work the same as LINK power. All you have to do is: - Go on https://xat.com/chats - Connect to your group - Go in the groups powers tab (make sure BANTIMES is assigned on your chat first). - Click the "edit" button next to BANTIMES power - Once edit clicked, a modal will be opened with 2 buttons: Add rule and save. When clicking the "add rule" button, it will add 2 fields: left one is for the reason right one is for the duration (integer only). Here is an example: How do I see the rules on my chat ? That's simple. Once you have added your rules, go on your chat > click someone > click the "ban" button. A dropdown will appear on the dialog. When selecting a rule, it will automatically fill reason/duration field with the selected rule. If you have any questions regarding the power, feel free to post here! And again congratulations to @slint for the idea!
  3. Hello, xat would like your input on the power name. A poll has been opened with different names. Please vote. If another name comes in your mind, please comment it. You have three days to decide which name is the best for this power! Thank you.
  4. The power of the week is a ban power called FLIPBAN. ID: 628 Name: Flipban Status: Unlimited Smilies: flipban Pawns: hat#hL, hat#hf Wiki: xat.wiki/flipban This was inspired of this suggestion from @Griftlands: How to use: To flipban someone, click their name, click the "ban" button and then "Flipban" button. Once the user is flipbanned, their pawn in visitors/messages will show flipped and their messages as well. Make sure you are on the xat version 1.55.2 - To check, click your name > settings > About and at the bottom of the window, you will see the chat version. ----- If you are wondering why smilies are flipped as well, it was done on purpose. More information will come later.
  5. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to Stable build
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. This is being worked on 1.55.1.
  8. This is being worked on for 1.55.1.
  9. I don't think a search bar is useful for the amount of language we have actually. But a scrollbar can be considered.
  10. Can you say which smilies are still animated ?
  11. Fixed in the upcoming release. Please retest once 1.55 is live.
  12. Lags will be improved in a future version as it requires a lot of work and stability. For now, you can use the current settings regarding animations as mentioned previously.
  13. You should've posted this as a bug (it's actually a bug and not something we removed/didn't add). But I have a good hope, it will be fixed in 1.55 - If not, in 1.56.
  14. Yeah, Dark 2 looks very nice.
  15. Hello @slint We are happy to announce that your suggestion was brought to xat staff (they liked it) and it will be considered in the future ! But, it's an intention, not a commitment (if it's too hard, we may forget about). We can't wait to show you once it's done! Congratulations!
  16. I do believe this suggestion has a potential in the future (I liked it personally). But I have 2 questions regarding: preview 1 and preview 3. Preview 1: What is it for ? Is it an alternative to preview 2 ? Preview 3: Are they both different dialog ou they are the same ? I see different title on both.. Thank you for your suggestion!
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    If the person who changed your rank were invisible on the chat, it's normal.
  18. SLOom

    Statusfx glitch

    I tried on your bot yesterday (statusfx was enabled) and couldn't reproduce the issue. But yeah, if you can provide more information about this, it would be cool. Thank you.
  19. SLOom

    About chat HTML5

    Changed Status to Fixed
  20. SLOom

    About chat HTML5

    Issue fixed in 1.54
  21. Changed Status to Fixed
  22. Issue fixed in 1.54
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