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  1. SLOom

    Message Sounds

    Hello, We have already this bug listed on the board. (Was previously reported by Leandro to me.) Thank you for reporting.
  2. SLOom

    Can't change language

    Great. I'm now closing the thread. If any issues about, please ask a moderator to re-open the thread. Thank you.
  3. SLOom

    Can't change language

    If you can get more users to test this, it would be cool. In case if it works for all, i'll close the thread. Thank you.
  4. SLOom

    Can't change language

    Issue has been fixed. Please test @Leandro You should be redirected on index3 after new language.
  5. SLOom

    Can't change language

    Mailed the issue to the administrators.
  6. SLOom

    PC Transfer Bug

    Thank you for reporting. Please next time, use the bugs tracker as oj mentioned if you want to report a bug about HTML5 or another platform. Thank you.
  7. SLOom

    Ban offline & Available

    This is more considered as a bug than a suggestion. The HTML5 testers have considered this, on the board where we manage bugs. It will most likely be implemented in the future, but no date has been given.
  8. SLOom

    Text editor missing sometimes

    Seems to still happen to me. Browser: Chrome I have no error when clicking the text editor (to load it). I just had this error previously as on the screenshot from LaFleur.
  9. SLOom


    You probably understood bad. I said, the idea is good but the use (how to use it) is kinda bad ! Macros are bad, and we need a better solution instead (as I suggested). Nowhere, i was talking about how important is the power. Yes I agree it should be on chat, but should be implemented for HTML5 and mobile only. On HTML5 and mobile, we have several spaces to put things, so I think, settings page would be the best place for this power.
  10. SLOom


    The idea seems very good and easy to implement but the use of the power is kinda bad. You are not able to read other people macros because it's a client side feature only. In my opinion, i think it would be better to have a settings on the chat or website where you can set your message and then it can be saved on xat side. So, when you pc someone, the message can be recovered without any issues.
  11. SLOom

    xmas bonus

    NEWYEARBONUS is now gone. This thread can be locked.
  12. SLOom

    Announce Transfer

    It was removed because a guy called Techrax asked admins to remove this, for "privacy" reasons. But before, bots were able to see transactions between users.
  13. SLOom

    xat 2018 - Your Favourites

    1. Swordfx power 2. xat_test chat 3. The HTML5 development. It's a big thing for xat. 4. @Pia ♥ 5. I don't have a favourite thread.. most of them are full of drama. 6. My own site (Illuxat) even tho, it's not listed on there.

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