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  1. A new HTML5 version is out with a lot of features added.


    Changelog - Version August 11 2018



    - Status/statusglow/statuscolor have been added. There are a few bugs but we are aware about them.
    - When you foe someone, it will now show "Un-foe" instead of "Un-friend" on user dialog.
    - Numerous alignment adjustments (CSS).
    - Smiley bar has been fixed. All smileys are usable.
    - Supersummer/superanime pawns will not show in chat messages anymore.
    - Audies such as #giddy, #ohhh have been added (still a few bugs). Noaudies is also working.
    - Scroll + rankscroll have been added.
    - Chat sounds have been added. You can now hear a sound when someone sends a message or enters the chat.


    Can a moderator edit Lafleur's topic and post it like he did ?



    Thank you.

    1. oj
    2. Angelo


      there’s no bullet points on mobile :( @oj

    3. SLOom


      Is the "Edit post" department delayed?  VeeBBKh.png

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