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  1. Hat is #hc but admins added it on the wrong power (currently on baby).
  2. SLOom


    This is not a HTML5 bug. @Angelo The bug he reported is when you add a "<3" on status, it will change your name (for other people) to "nope" which was done by purpose. Since this is not a HTML5 bug, i'm closing this thread.
  3. SLOom

    554 BABY

    Been a week already.
  4. Everything has already been sent to the admins. I'll post again when this is unblocked on linkvalidator and added to bbcode. Thanks again to OJ for providing embeds about.
  5. SLOom

    Bot pawn on chat

    It shouldn't be an issue anymore for the new future upcoming version.
  6. Obviously we can but can someone tell me how playlist embed work on Spotify? Or just link me the page about. So we can explain to the admins for bbcode... thank you. Edit: Thanks OJ.
  7. We can unlock this domain and eventually update the bbcode system to add spotify. So, users can add on the chat and xatspace.
  8. Hey, Does it happen everytime? Can you open the console dev of your browser (F12) and take a screenshot if there are any errors? Thank you
  9. SLOom

    Update message

    It seems there is an annoying update message showing when accessing the xat forums. When you click "try again", nothing happens but if you add ?zz at the end, it works fine (can access the forum). Plus i'm sure there is no update if it works with ?zz. Can you get this fixed @Andre ? Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/o2ymic Thank you.
  10. This issue has been fixed on the newest version of the HTML5 chat.
  11. Tickle is not added on HTML5 chat yet but you can type the power name on the chat to see if you have it or not.
  12. Happy birthday SLOom enjoy this special day:p

    1. SLOom


      Thank you! 

  13. Stif

    Joyeux anniversaire Sloom!

    1. SLOom


      Thank you Stif!

  14. Happy Birthday Sloomy (hug)


    1. SLOom


      Thank you!

  15. Happy birthday for you too ! 😉

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    2. Mihai


      Thank you (hug)


      And, Thank you, @Bau(victory)

    3. SLOom


      Thank you bau :)(d) 

    4. Bau


      :$ Yw

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