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  1. SLOom

    APPBOT power, user apps and games

    Since most of the chats have already a bot (FEXBots, Ocean etc..), wouldn't it be cool to update bot power to allow more than one bot in one chat? (Instead of killing the current one) Like 23232323;123456789 (Allowed IDS that will have the bot pawn.) So you have a bot to moderate the chat and one to play the games. I think that idea was suggested from someone..
  2. Sometimes, it's better to stay speechless than trying to learn more about. 

    1. maxo


      yep you're right @SLOom

  3. Bon anniversaire ;) 

    1. Sydno


      Merci Sloom ! : )

  4. SLOom

    Bot pawn on chat

    Well, I'd like to say that it doesn't happen only with glow. The issue here is the GetStrip6 file which HTML5 is using to load smilies as png format. When it has no valid smilies (such as the glow code), it will just load bot pawn or some random pawns. Another example: Hopefully it doesn't happen anymore when admins have fixed the file in question. I have changed the priority to normal since it's not breaking anything on the HTML5 chat.
  5. SLOom

    Bugs in ios (iphone8)

    Hello Marya, Can you tell me which browser are you using? Which iOS version is it? And please next time, post your bugs in the bugs tracker. Thank you.
  6. Happy birthday! 🎂

    1. Samuel


      Thankk you (hug)

  7. SLOom

    Coding Help?

    If you are talking about fonts such as "Open sans" or something else, then you need to use BBCODE. You can find more information about on there: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special_codes Hopefully it helps you to solve your issue.
  8. SLOom


    It's called laziness. Admins didn't want to rename every pawns so they preferred to make it this way. In hat, it's just (hat#h#p1cdn) for the ones I have mentioned before.
  9. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Issue addressed to the admins for future updates of the new page. If you find another issue, please post there: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/ so we can deal better with the bugs. Thank you.
  10. SLOom


    Missing superhalloween pawns have been fixed. They require to add p1 before the name. p1cdn, p1scythe, p1mummy, p1frk. Edit from 26/10/2018: It should look this way on getStrip6: ?c=S_p1p1cdn%23_50_50_c.png ?c=S_p1p1scythe%23_50_50_c.png ?c=S_p1p1mummy%23_50_50_c.png ?c=S_p1p1frk%23_50_50_c.png

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