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  1. SLOom

    Html5 should be working the trade and transfers

    Can you guys do the effort to read this thread before posting ? Trade application is working but glitched and transfer is also working well. Thank you.
  2. The next person is on the ground. 😎

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      Leandra, stop stealing stuff and then I will. You stealing man!


      @Thuk - Control your stealing mans before I call the cops.


      Sloom, you have nice hair. How long does it take you to do it? 


      Can I pet your face too? O:

  3. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    If you have any bugs about the "new page", please report them on there: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/ (not HTML5 category!) We would like to keep this thread for feedbacks only, and so we can better handle the bugs if they are posted on the link above. Thank you in advance. 😋
  4. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    If you are talking about the pools, they will be like flash in the future. Don't worry about.
  5. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Each site has its own interface. It's not because people likes more the discord interface that xat has to do the same than them. So yeah, if it was about to be changed, it wouldn't be xat anymore. We had already a fast thread about that but for the chat interface and all the points were put on the table. If you don't like it, then suggest improvements/ideas? It's easy to criticize the work but not suggesting ideas to improve it. If you come here, it's to suggest ideas and improvements to make it better and not belittle the work of the admins. I can understand that you don't like much xat but it's not a reason to be so negative like that about. Users feedbacks and ideas are always appreciated but un-constructives comments will not help to make it better. Pretty sure if it was your work, you would understand my point and you would rather see ideas/improvements than old critics like "it looks like the design of 12 years ago." I really hope, you understand what I want to say and not turn my comment into something I didn't imagine. Anyways Lafleur said everything about your previous points. Oh well, we still have the time to build HTML5 before the end of Flash. Why are you so preventive? HTML5 chat is in development (enough to use it), most of the xat things in flash will be HTML5 soon. We are not so late compared to the planned date for the end of Flash. You mentioned the smileys application but we have a better thing for that added somewhere in the lab. This app will be eventually removed since it's a really awful app with lags and missing smileys. Forgotten in the grey hole. Thank you for noticing it. Do you mean it should open the page in another tab instead of the current one? Possible!
  6. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Just a small reminder: the web page is still in beta so we may change the page in the future with better improvements! Ideas and improvements are appreciated and will help to make it better. Thank you.
  7. SLOom

    514 NOCARA

    Never late to change. We would get rid of the small drama that xat is using non english words.
  8. SLOom

    xat market is Crashing

    Actually the same? Didn't know on the old design we had "dropdowns", a way to see if you are connected on an account and more "future" features. You're just pure negativity on the development of the page. You can judge the final product but not the beta of the product because it's not finished at all ! Unaware of the future changes, your comment is not valid. Just a fun fact: The new webpage is still in beta. We will talk back later when all the good stuff are added and see if you are still saying that there is "nothing new". This is funny how people are still complaining even if admins do the effort to change something. We are well on xat where people are NEVER happy of what admins are doing. They are late yeah, but better late than never. Negative. Bootstrap 4 was released this year. Sorry buddy. Yes the new web page uses the latest version of the Boostrap framework. It will never become harder to browse flash chat. Chrome is smart enough to add settings in their browser to still allow flash as well.
  9. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    What do you mean ? Can you give more information about?
  10. SLOom

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Yes it's full HTML/Image ..

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