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  1. Since I can guess, it's a new style for smilies and pawns (not like other smilies powers, but like classic), I think it would be cool to have it permanent to promote the power as it has been done for namewave and classic powers. We don't have much permanent pawns, so it's a good idea for people that love to use the pawns of powers. Now you have to deal with admins to keep it permanent.
  2. @Admin Ya, It would be cool to make it not flashing and keep the neon effect with colors since it would be a new style of neon for smilies. Guess it can work by (d#wn) to keep it not flashing and (d#wf) to keep it flashing. Plus, the text on neonletter should be more on the middle and not on the left (when text isn't too long, otherwise it would break the text.) And as some people have stated, we should have a neonback smiley. Btw, nice work @Mihay.
  3. Hey! Welcome to the xat forums.
  4. So your idea is totally possible to do. And it would with #w1, #w2, #w3 etc...
  5. I think, you meant something like that? (Hard to see the difference between some of them)
  6. @LaFleur You can remove this one since Classic pawn is unlimited. ^_^
  7. @LaFleur Just tried on my tablet with android 4.4.4 and no crash.. so I don't understand.
  8. I guess, it can't handle the keyboard and add smilie dialog in same time; I will add it to the list even if I doubt if it's a bug. Crash : I guess it depends of your android version since there are some exceptions in the Java class depending of the android version. I'm on Android 6.0, I tried again to take a screenshot on the xat app and no crash.
  9. What do you mean by "taking a screenshot" ? Like taking a screenshot using Android system ? I tried on my side to take 5 screenshots in a row, the app hasn't crashed. Where does it crashs when you take a screenshot ? (May test again to see if it happens on my side.) Can you provide me a screenshot to see exactly the issue? @lcky A lot of powers are missing on the store because normally there are "game" and "groups" tab but they are not added atm and gback is classed as a group, so that's why you don't see it even if it should be in the epic tab.
  10. Yes you can.
  11. You can add a text to the smilie flag by that way : (rapidreason#wHi!) Wiki editor should add/update the wiki for.
  12. Kick is now added to rapid. May be available on the next client. (1/2 hours according to admins)
  13. What if there are more than 10 pools? Is it going to add 10 pools button and ruin the kick dialog?
  14. Ruby pawn for bots has been fixed! Clear your cache for new chat update. (13042017) @Admin You still have to upload rubyb/rubyflag and fix the issue on friendlist with everypower as I told you last time.