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  1. SlOom

    Sign In (Toons)

    This has been fixed. Clear cache for new version. (flash)
  2. SlOom

    Logging In

    This issue has been fixed. Clear cache for new chat version.
  3. SlOom

    Animation for zipban?

    There is already an animation for zipban but I have no idea how to make it working.
  4. SlOom

    Pools with emojis/rank glitch

    Thank you for reporting, it has been transferred to the admins.
  5. First issue: It appears that it shows the wrong ID on banned/kicked (or more) messages. Instead of the one who got banned/kick, it will show the ID of the one who banned/kicked the person. Second issue: On ban message, the "hours" word is missing before the reason. (You can check the previous screenshot for example) Instead of that current message, It should say "I have banned 110110 for 20 hours. Reason: Harassment in pc."
  6. SlOom

    Hearts & Switch (Card Games)

    I told admins again. I can't tell you when it will be updated. (maybe soon)
  7. SlOom

    Spotify Connect for xat

    I like the idea, but I don't think it's the right place for. Because, we need to implant the home icon (and maybe social media ones also). I think, we should have a spotify icon next to the cross (on the left) and when you hover it, it will show the current song that the user is listening to. Of course, the icon would show only if the user is listening to a song, otherwise it wouldn't show at all.
  8. SlOom

    Hi smiley and Ugh smiley don't appear

    If this list is missing smilies, please post. Thanks.
  9. Enjoy before it's too late to get your ticket answered.



  10. SlOom

    The Number Glitch, Revisited

    Okay thank you. I will take a look at that. Edit: Ok, I see it now.
  11. SlOom

    The Number Glitch, Revisited

    Does it happen every times?
  12. SlOom

    Gold in Nickname

    I have retested once again for you and still no issues.
  13. SlOom

    Gold in Nickname

    No issue for me ? I refresh and was still working for me.
  14. SlOom

    Messages issue

    Thank you for reporting. It has been transferred to our Trello. I'll post again when this issue is fixed.