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  1. Firefx unlimited pawn

    Well yeah, but it will require a power unless if you add them directly on HAT power?
  2. Firefx unlimited pawn

    I know right, but we don't have a lot of unlimited pawns! I just don't understand why people are against to have more unlimited hats.
  3. Firefx unlimited pawn

    When classic pawn and namewave pawns were made unlimited, nobody complained about? (Oh just because it looks like p1pwn..) And i'm not against that idea to keep this pawn because it will "promote" the power (like it does for namewave and classic) even if it's a smiley power and a limited power. (Nothing matter if it's a function or a smiley) Plus it's not like if we had like 10 unlimited hats .. we have only 3 hats. And a lot of people suggested to "have" old hats, so even if it's not unlimited, you will probably be able to have it.
  4. 4. How many working toon pictures are there in total? => 1758 SlOom (110110)
  5. 459 FIREFX

    Consider it as a temp fix for now. It will be fixed if admins take matters into their own hands.
  6. 459 FIREFX

    Try to change fireback to fireback%23 It will update the cache of the smilie. https://s1.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetStrip5.php?c=S_fireback%23_50_50_c.png
  7. Changelogs, bugfixes and updates.

    I would like to say, NOT every users on xat are intrigued by what admins are working for. (E.g : traders) Pretty sure, they are not even aware about xat moving to HTML5. Well, yes, but the thing is to organize it so people can understand/handle it properly. Because if they start to list everything, do you think people will understand it ? (Unless if there is a lot of informations!!) That's why I said it would be more useful for HTML5 because it's only one thing and people can understand/handle it properly. After it depends how is it made; like divide it in 2 parts : Bugs // Updates instead of putting everything in the same list. Do you imagine if they post everythings about site/flash/HTML5 in only one list ? It would be the mess for everyone lol. After, it's a choice from admins if they decide to make it or not; we can't decide of how things have to be done. Btw, thank you for your time and your answers to those questions even if you weren't force to answer it. The point to use it for flash is completly useless yes, because they don't work like they used to do before (in the past years). If we were about to use flash for more than 3 years and if they were working on it, yeah it would have been useful but at the moment no, so for HTML5 it's enough I think.
  8. Changelogs, bugfixes and updates.

    Changelogs is a thing, but are people going to worry about what the admins will post ? Is it really useful for the community ? Can it fix the communication between admins and users for bugs/updates? There are a lof of questions to ask before doing something. Now, if we were about to create it, It would be better to wait for when HTML5 is out (Not in 2020, dw!) because they are not working alot on Flash except for new functions powers. Maybe are you talking about the site also? If you are talking also about the site, why not. Pretty sure it can be more useful with HTML5 than with Flash because we can have a lot of updates with this new step! We will see in the future if it comes or not. (Not saying it's a bad idea)
  9. Bringing the forum Up-to-Date

    I don't think, your point is really valid about saying admins not looking at stuff. (Plus they are not always posting star wars memes .. well better posting that than something else ) The todo list had been passed and looked by the admins. They took a few suggestions from this todo list for new powers to make happy the community.. LaFleur himself can confirm it about and it's not because they are not posting that they haven't looked at it. So, that's my thought about that. If you think i'm wrong about, feel free to correct me but don't turn it into a drama. Otherwise about the other threads, I agree it should be unpinned if they are not active anymore or even updated. (Nice one about new hats thread but unfortunately it was a big fail )
  10. 458 PUPPY

    @Crow https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hat/limited // https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Puppy Fix the pawn please. https://s1.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetStrip5.php?c=S_p1pupjump%23_50_50_c.png would be better
  11. xat5 Bg's

    Still better than purple backgrounds. Nice work, Manu...

    It's NOT because Junior quit that we are not going to have new hats. All smilies makers are able to do new ones. That's completly dumb to say "don't expect new hats" because actually your sentence means that only Junior could make new hats and not other smilies makers. I'll end after this post since it's a waste of time to fight for that but don't worry; we'll have new hats and i'm sure Mike/Cupim/Mihay would be glad to do that for users.

    You don't need 1+ year(s) to have admin's approval, mate. I'm maybe selfish to talk like that but when someone promised you new hats and nothing came out, there is a reason to express yourself about! Why ? Because people are waiting for them, that's all. And we hadn't any answers back from Junior about the hats (that's why the thread was locked) so i'll consider it as being "fooled" UNLESS if there is a valid reason behind that issue.
  14. Wings - Power Suggestion

    Why only pawn and not pawn/smilie? I don't really think; people would buy a power just to add wings to their pawn. It's probably better to apply that to both things than pawn only. That's my opinion but the idea is good.. now we need the work.

    OH OH OH ! Wait ! Didn't someone asked for suggestions but nothing came out ?