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  1. Keep it as short name so we don't need to remember a long name that we wouldn't be able to spell it correctly. So Sline (aka smilies line) is fine.
  2. Yes. Only the name isn't confirmed.
  3. Hello to all! The new power of the week is a function called "sline". The name is still unconfirmed but for now, it's sline. The power is only working on official chats until @Admin have updated the other chats! (Works on all chats right now!) What is the purpose of this power ? Sline is a function which allows you to change the smilies bar by your own smilies. (Like you can do with gline power but it's for everyone) Fortunately, only you can see the smilies. Note 1 : When you have setup your own smilies bar, it will be the same on every chat. Note 2 : If you don't want to change all the smilies bar, make sure to use different smilies and change atleast 4 smilies otherwise it won't update. How does it works? Sline works with a macro "$sline". That's simple of use, you just have to type on the chat : $sline=smile1,smile2,smile3,smile4.... Make sure to separate each smilie by a comma. Example : $sline=d,sob,wailing,smirk,cool,eek,hehe,flustered,content,dhat,ono Bonus : You have the possibility to change the color or add a gback for each smilie but it won't work for all smilies! To do that, just add a "#" and your gback like content#goldb after the smilie. You can also use every smilies (even powers) of the xat smilies list, but you need them to send it on the chat! To see the new smilies, you'll have to reconnect to the chat. Preview : If you find any issues with the new power, please post them on there.
  4. It's okay we have already some melon smilies in each xat powers, but we don't have one as a power! There is a beginning for everything but you should provide some examples of smilies to help smilie makers if it comes to be made.
  5. Gamebans are now fixed. (Codebans & Snakeban are a bit messed up, it will be fixed.) They are only working on https. && - You can now use https link. is now full https. (Please report if not full https)
  6. @Admin Can you turn off https until gamebans are working again? You can check the trello for more informations.
  7. New power of the week is kloud. ID: 451 Name: Kloud Status: Limited Smilies: kloud, klblush, klburst, kldontsee, kloud9, klrain, klsleep, klsneeze, klstorm, klupset, klwindy Pawns: hk, hl, ho, hu Price: 230 xats
  8. I received my prize, thank you.
  9. matchrace ** not matchban
  10. xavi, wiki, twitter, facebook, search, power, powers, doodle, trade, smilie, smilies, smiley, register, login, buy, coin, coins, xats, subscriber, gift, spacewar, matchban, doodlerace, snakerace, switch, hearts, darts, zwhack
  11. Last chance -> xavi, wiki, twitter, facebook, search, power, powers, doodle, trade, smilie, smilies, smiley, register, login, buy, coin, coins, xats, subscriber, gift
  12. + facebook if it's not too late to add it.
  13. Q1 : wiki twitter search powers doodle trade smilies register login buy coin xats subscriber gift coins smilie Q2: Construstor (solved apparently)
  14. Everything is abused on xat, so if they come to abuse links, it will not be a new thing. And anyways, it's up to the owner to set the correct links if he doesn't want people to abuse it. Plus, not all guests on xat are abusers, we need to give them a chance and if they are bad, not a problem -> ban.