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  1. Update login page to HTML5

    Because actually, it has a JavaScript code (on the login page which is added since last month) to save your account informations into the LocalStorage of your browser so it's TOTALLY normal if you were logged in on HTML5 chat.
  2. PcBack Random PCBR 468

  3. PcBack Random PCBR 468

    @iWild What do you mean ? (Answering for them since they will not look at it before tomorrow)
  4. PcBack Random PCBR 468

    It changes when you reconnect to the chat.
  5. PcBack Shuffle

    @Admin Since it's also a part of PCBACK, this issue should be fixed :
  6. PcBack Shuffle

    What if you need Shuffle + Pcback to use PcBackShuffle ? Both of them would be used so 88%. And anyways, they would do an update on PcBack power about seeing your own PCBACK if the user doesn't have one.
  7. PcBack Shuffle

    You still can made some profits when the power is LIMITED. Updating a power is a solution but it has no profits for admins so they are "forced" to make a new one but I understand your point.
  8. PcBack Shuffle

    You should know that people are not interested when a power is boosted/updated (because no profits etc). They prefer when a new power is made especially when it adds a tons of new features or if you can make profits on it. But well, it works like that with admins. (shrug)
  9. PcBack Shuffle

    It's not like a lot of powers are using macros. And anyways, if they want the bots to use it, they have to use the avatar field instead of macros.
  10. PcBack Shuffle

    Good initiative in this thread ! And I think, it should random a pcback when you open/close the private chat. (Instead of rejoin the chat) And the idea to show the PCBACK when user doesnt have one is really great. (Maybe also allow gif images as pcback ? @Admin)
  11. 467 YOGA

    New power of the week is Yoga. ID: 467 Name: Yoga Status: Limited Smilies: yoga, heartlife, yodance, yohandtoe, yoheadstand, yolegup, yonature, yosymbol, yotree, youpward. Pawns: hh, hy. Price: 222 xats Wiki : xat.wiki/Yoga
  12. Powers should take longer than a week to make.

    What is the point to wait 2 - 3 weeks to release it ? How are they "supposed" to improve it if they don't have users feedbacks? I'd agree with you ONLY with function powers but not with smilie powers. Smilies makers are open to feedbacks when theirs powers are released and they are doing their best to always improve it when there are new ideas/smilies/effects to add. It's not by waiting 2 - 3 weeks without users feedbacks that it's going to be improved. You should take Mike comment in count and then understand why I'm saying that.

    SLOom (110110)
  14. Club 7 : You're adorable. Chat name : xat.com/flirt Answer: Death ??? Username and ID: SlOom (110110)
  15. WIN HalloScroll #5 POWERs

    SLOom (110110)