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  1. Entry for the Story telling contest [LGBT EDITION] Where do I begin... well it all started in high school. You know there just happens to be one person who just catches your eye. Their laughter, their hair, their fashion sense, their beauty. Her name was Jade.ღ I was always the shy person to hide from others, never spoke unless spoken to, freak out when we had to present. She was a confident and wonderful person. I was infatuated. Of course I wasn't able to talk to her for days, weeks, months. So I decided to try and move on since I didn't know whether she was straight or a LGBT memb
  2. This is my first time making chat bg's. Note: I do not own the backgrounds or images. Links will be below of where I found them. 1st Entry: <-With template Without-> Couldn't find background link ;-; Template: https://xattools.firebaseapp.com/bgmaker.html 2nd Entry: Kaori image link: https://art.alphacoders.com/arts/view/85297 Background: http://wallpapercave.com/cherry-blossom-background Xat template: https://www.mundoxat.com/foro/showthread.php?3827-Como-crear-una-plantilla 3rd Entry:
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