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  1. MusicalMelody (674217819)
  2. I choose @Christy with the smilies (blubunni) & (chilidance) from fiesta.
  3. E37 - Enter authenticator code to verify request to disable Account Authentication. You can also open a new tab, re-login and Scroll down to Security settings ["Only allow access with xat account authentication - Access free TICKLE power (days required)"] and set it to "OFF (not authenticated)" This will disable the tickle power.
  4. Forum cover has been made and set. Opinions anyone? (cute)

    1. Bau
    2. Izaya


      Looks like a nice cover to me. Nice job.

    3. MariaLiiz


      Good Job ! 

      Next : Signature :p 

  5. Click the "Edit" button below your chat and enter the chat's password. Then, click "Chat Box Settings" and select "Update & Get Code". This will regain your ownership and update your chat to avoid inactivity. To regain main ownership of your chat, you will need to click "Edit" below your chat, enter your chat password, and click the "Chat Box Settings" button. This will make you main owner again.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MelodyEpic


      The staff aren't doing anything (hmm) I wonder why. If the accounts are under the same IP address, I think they all would get banned and pushed into the ban pools.

    3. MariaLiiz


      well .. the thing is if they are using a browser that has proxy in it then thats the problem . 

    4. Crow


      Karma will catch up with them eventually.GetStrip5.php?c=S_a_18_18_c.pngBad things happen to bad people!

  6. @Fiona I did not edit it, I was posting more and it added it on, I also quoted it. I did not use the "edit" button. It does that to prevent spam It merges my comments. @Fiona I also deleted it AKA "hide" it to erase the spam that was going on.
  7. 1. patrick (hat#h186) 2.allhallows (hat#h262) 3.kstar (hat#h303)
  8. I can confirm that prize has been received. Thanks to donators and our host, @ANGY !!! Cheers.
  9. Here's mine: Bone app the teeth
  10. 2. gkbunny 4. davide 5. flag 7. kwolf 8. Commerce 1. mundosmilies 3. bella 6. Ajutor 9. E29
  11. 1- shinobi (shichallenge) 2- tropicalxmas (trstar) 3- mountain (mpenguin) 4- lovehug (lovebird) 5- paints (ppail) 6- beautifly (beahand)
  12. You finally made a forum account!
  13. What's your favorite type of pizza/Toppings I like bbq chicken and Hawaiian.
  14. 1.) ca - free smile 2.) Jelly - BiteFX 3.) Windy2 - Weather 4.) Grim2 - carve 5.) Trash - Fools 6.) choirsinger - choirhug