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  1. @lemona sweet heart i wish you the best in your life happy bday my little <3 i love you (blowkiss)

    1. Lemona


      Thank you Marya!! (hug)  (blowkiss)

  2. Happy bday Mav <3 

    1. Maverick


      Thank you, Marya!

  3. la vedi quella stella che brilla , da lassù tu mi guide conte <3 

  4. Como estan las niñas de Madrid ??  

    =)))  3-0  (what)

    1. Maxo


      i think they're crying (toj) 

    2. Marya


      Silencio total (a)

    3. Maxo
  5. Marya

    Happy bday Miaa  

    I wish u the best in your life 

    1. miaa


      thank you!

  6. Happy bday Adam , Bless

  7. @iBandy Love i wish you from my heart happy birthday. 

    In this moment i want to be with you , to made u happy and  to cut your cake with u , but how we promisse each other we will do that together, as soon possible. 

     Once more know i love you :$  and i wish you from my heart happy bday bby  


  8. Marya

    Happy bday 

    1. Paul


      thank you

  9. @Blacky Vasco =) el nuevo power se parece a los Vascos  =)))  


  10. Happy bday 

  11. happy bday 

  12. Marya

    Happy bday <3

  13. Happy bday 

  14. Marya

    Happy bday <3

  15. @iBandy Din toata inimioara mea eu te iubesc dragostea mea 

    Si din tot sufletelul meu asa te voi iubi mereu :$  


    1. iBandy


      Te iubesc, inima mea(blowkiss)

  16. @yerimar Happy bday , have a great day 

  17. @Shizuo In this special day i wish you 2 things , never and forever 

    Never sad , and forever happy  

    Happy Bday stay strong and blessed (hug) 


    1. Shizuo


      Thx dear much love :3

  18. Marya

    Happy bday Sale

  19. @MayeyoCacatuo feliz cumple años   

    Dios te bendiga estes donde estes amigo

    1. Samuel


      Se murio?

    2. Marya


      No @Samuel hahaha 

      Asi le digo yo =))  

  20. @Bau 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bau


      Doar cand mint m-a crezi, cand spun adevar nu xD :$ (ugh)

    3. Marya


      loool tu?  toata ziua minti  (d) 

    4. Bau


      Nu-i adevarat (swt)

      Eu nu stiu sa mint, dar incet incet m-a invat de la tine :$ (toj)

  21. Happy Bday Champ i wish you the best in your life 

  22. Happy bday <3

  23. I love people who never give up <3  :$

    1. Exin
    2. Maxo


      like MAXO of course 8-)

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