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  1. Marya

    Can be bug?

    I did before to writing here , and ask why i did .
  2. Marya


    Hi Honestly this report should to go via xat.com/ticket https://util.xat.com/support/index.php put all proof plus id's and report there . Here is ot the place for seding any report . And staff never is ask you xats or power same email, gmail pass etc
  3. Marya

    Can be bug?

    I did .. nothing happend Same issue
  4. @Bau 


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    2. Bau


      Doar cand mint m-a crezi, cand spun adevar nu xD :$ (ugh)

    3. Marya


      loool tu?  toata ziua minti  (d) 

    4. Bau


      Nu-i adevarat (swt)

      Eu nu stiu sa mint, dar incet incet m-a invat de la tine :$ (toj)

  5. Marya

    Can be bug?

    @xLaming @Stif Nope . All done , clean readded , unfriend added again so ... trust me i did all steps cookies removed everything .. Plus is not first time , same on the app same in lap ..
  6. Marya

    Can be bug?

    Hello . I have a question why happend that on chat ? In name , status , pv, gif. Dont tell me please clean cookies etc because all steps is done, for both parts . Proof 1. https://prnt.sc/n224kn Proof 2. https://prnt.sc/n224sa
  7. To win exams, and to see my love nothing else , thanks to God for everything
  8. Marya

    538 TIME

    Finaly they made it Awesome power nice smilies Congrats @Mihay
  9. Happy Bday Champ i wish you the best in your life 

  10. Marya

    Power Japonecita

    I think this power is inspired in Geisha . When we hear the word "Geisha", a series of images follow each other. Those thin women wrapped in beautiful kimonos, walking with short, quick steps through the narrow streets of Kyoto, their faces painted white, looking like a mime or a Pierrot, their eyes lost, lost in their own thoughts. After the disappearance of the samurai figure, the Geisha together with the sumo wrestlers are the only exponent of Japan's past. The Geisha still remains with the passage of time, after more than 400 years, and in the present it continues to cause fascination, and many questions about it. The most awaited Festival every year in Gion, is the cherry blossoms, to see out in all its splendor all the Geishas and maikos of their hanamachi. The story is big and beautiful.. But permit me to say you congrat to think in this power not only becuase your design are cute because history of them are awesome. Honestly i think is great idea and i support this totality <3 Thank you once more for your aporting it to community . Regards
  11. Happy bday <3

  12. I love people who never give up <3  :$

    1. Vritme
    2. Maxo


      like MAXO of course 8-)

  13. La multi ani @Bau Iti doresc ca viata ta sa-ti fie la fel de frumoasa precum sentimentul de iubire, gingasa ca zambetul tau si linistita ca marea cand nu adie vantul! La multi ani!
  14. @BauLa multi ani dragule, tot ce e mai bun in lume sa ti se implineasca (hug)

    1. Bau


      MesQ Frumos (blowkiss):$(hug) 

  15. Marya

    537 SKUNK

    The smilies are beautiful , same the hats . Nice power , this is the best one (skthink) )(sktired) Great job congrats guys
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