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  1. Some times it is in maintenance For this happend that But if you try again it work fine in a minuts
  2. :$ te iubesc gordi <3 

    1. iBandy


      Si eu te iubesc bby <3 <3 :$

    2. Marya


      eu mai mult (blowkiss)

  3. Happy bday @Kale <3 I LOVE YOU my little brother , GOD bless you forever <33
  4. Mi hermanito muchisimas felicidades Dios te bendiga , feliz cumpleaños @Kale <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Marya


      ahi te dejo una cancion espero que te guste  . escuchala es de mi corazon hermano @Kale


    3. Kale


      Musica linda, gracias manita ♥

    4. Marya


       De nada corazon (hug)

  5. @Cupim & @Mister Please announce time At what time will the contest start in Europe and Brazil etc ¿? Thank you <3 Regards
  6. Not my fault @HelperNate but be the way have banned you for life reason : bcs so
  7. Marya

    Happy bday <3 bless


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