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  1. Happy Bday @Ramo <3

  2. Marya

    516 GORILLA

    This is not for girls sis =))) haha I mean superZoo lool
  3. Marya

    516 GORILLA

    Is nice power and funny in my opinion , but ... guys we need something (powers) only for girls
  4. Happy  Birthday . God bless you . <3 

  5. Marya

    Wizards power

    really , wonderful <3 great job !
  6. Marya

    PX power

    Im so sorry im not mixed anything . But from now trade is keep it up ... this is everything . So like what you said , all will buy smalls powers and can do it . For this we have trade ... and many xat .. of comerce .. sorry again
  7. Marya

    PX power

    Sorry but i'm totally disagree . In this moment , trade Loja , Cambio etc keep xat up ... Sorry again but im thinking in cold . Like that you can made same an other power and selling your id etc .. ? Then for what is auction ? Pauction ? NO .
  8. Marya


    Marya (11011)
  9. Happy Birthday i wish u the best in ur life . Bless (hug)

  10. Marya

    Disguise Power (for Staff)

    Interesantly ! Is not bad idea . Nice point .

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