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  1. Feliz cumpleaños, Mary! 🎊🎊Espero que vayas a tener un día grandioso!!


    Un abrazo! (hug)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! <3333 Sis

  3. Happy birthday sis <3

    1. Maay


      Sweet heart many thnx  ilu sis <33 

    2. Angeline



  4. Ruzo

    hello, good afternoon maay (hug)

    1. Maay


      Hello Zaki happy new year dear .

  5. Ruzo

    hello (hug)

  6. Maay

    xat Facebook Page

    Good idea <3 Not everyone know about xat.com so in my opinion i think is great idea @Mihay
  7. Ruzo

    hello maay(hug)


    1. Maay


      Hello @Zaki Happy new year dear . hug

  8. Maay

    ID auctions

    Thank you @Admin and again many many thnx for everything
  9. Maay

    ID auctions

    11011 11311 11411 Something so & ty
  10. Maay

    Yes or No

    Yes . How was your vacation ? You have spent well?
  11. Maay

    I have a question !!!

    Do you feel safe when someone writing in your pc that ? ? And you know what he or she put me in pc that was true . How i can to feel safe ?
  12. Maay

    I have a question !!!

    Omg im so sorry dear if you feel i am agresive ! Im not . Then forgive me i dont know you are a volunteer , was my mistake . And same im so sorry i dont need any attencion i need just help , cause : (i not feel safe & secure ) if you go up in my first post i write what is my problem . So please forgive me again for asking help . Next time i will ask you permission to write in the forum dear . Sorry again .
  13. Maay

    I have a question !!!

    That is the problem we are a lot of clients waiting for longer time . That means no one care about us . Or incompetent people , for that they dont answer . Again say we need people who care about USERS . Then im not going up to speed anything to no one , im going up my `` human rights `` And same many thnx for answer here
  14. Maay

    I have a question !!!

    The point is we are tired ... We need just solution how was before some time ago ... The point is we need people who care about users . The point is we need SOLUTION . Is it so much ? I think no . And everything is well . The point is we waste us real money here ... the point is..

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