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  1. wat is with this exuby thing

  2. I don't appreciate how you don't explain where the designer could improve and where your "overall" rating comes from. Your response makes no sense, so please improve it.
  3. The thing I don't understand is, why do Blueman and Pink still look as good? They do change the pawn.
  4. Are you sure there aren't any ways to fix this? I don't know tons about swf files, but can't other pawns be included in "the same file" as you said?
  5. Hi everyone, I've noticed this about a year ago but never really talked about it. The resolution of pawns WITHOUT reghide, gold, or EP looks worse than pawns with reghide/unregistered with Blueman, Pink, or no pawn power. Take a look: Although I do have a better display (Macbook Pro "Retina") the first pink one and all of the un-registered pawns look better than the rest (no shadow or pixelation). I suggest we fix the pawns or upgrade their resolution. I couldn't imagine it being hard.
  6. They look really good, welcome back!
  7. Do one with Roberto. Although I don't know how you're going to stop him in the middle of Help or translate the gibberish later on.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums! I don't understand why an animation is needed, are all users coming to the chat going to see it?
  9. I think that xat needs a redesign in general (HTML5, login page, ticket system, etc) but small steps are great if they can get us in the right direction. Excellent suggestion, Kayzar.
  10. I'd use another template, such as Advanced Inner 2 or Colors Festival. Don't like the buttons, scrollers, and some layer styles just look like they don't belong. Everything else is pretty good, however.
  11. Hey, this question can be answered by a Smiley Maker. I'd imagine it isn't hard to make smilies, but it probably gets repetitive as most come out every week (another good reason to ditch the weekly system).
  12. Hi kingd353, Security check e-mails (E64 and E30) may appear blank - this is being looked into by the administrators. Please be patient until the problem is resolved.
  13. i love you

    1. Exuby
    2. Exuby


      gup can u make me a profile picture

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