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  1. i will folow Well, I will also be following closely and I will try to participate in the contest.
  2. i have my acount held for some times  can someone pleas helpme thanks i cant sell my powers and days  thanks

    1. LaFleur


      Hello @zina,


      please create a new ticket, here: https://xat.com/ticket


      Select Help Topic "Account Hold" and make sure that the subject has at least 5 words.


      We'll help you out further there.

  3. zina

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    cute new power stiff
  4. hi  all i just wona say im so sorry if i tell enyone somhting b im sorry


    1. oj


      its ok we forgive you

  5.  EMMY (1530670536)

  6. i just wona say hi all

    1. Marya


      hi sweet sis<3

    2. zina


      hi cute  (beat#)


  7. zinkazina1 (1515116119)
  8. zinkazina1 (1515116119)
  9. zina

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    so cute new power
  10. I would like to thank @Admin for the chance of being part of this group and say that it was an honor be able to help in several decisions in order to improve xat.
  11. zinkazina1 (1515116119)
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