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  1. I really liked this idea of @Erick, and @Cupim even improved the idea of this new power, it seems good even though I've seen many ideas around here more I liked it a lot, good luck I hope the administrators of xat think about it, to improve this idea, Congratulations sir @Erick
  2. Thank you. It was very good.
  3. Great suggestion, hope you have progress that the administrators accept will be very good acceptance by xat users, Congratulations on your Great work
  4. I chose the Full Gradient (current) seems to have a very small difference between the other 2 first, if you understand me, the other 3 last are very cleared the reading and what I think and I accept disagreement from my point of view, thanks for leaving participate, have a great day everyone
  5. thank you award received, thank you
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