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  1. Pool Ocean or mountains ?
  2. Air Music or silence ?
  3. choco

    Happy birthday noob !!! To more reputation !!! Lmao !!!

    1. Crow


      It was yesterday, but thank you! (hug) All the best to you too!

    2. choco


      :) I know it was but i didn't know we were in 29th ok ?????? :( 

  4. I don't think its needed too. I personally wouldn't say why i like a post. I just like and that's it. Maybe its a funny post, or a creative one. I don't feel like saying why i like it. I just like it. About dislike too... If someone doesn't like a post he has the right to dislike it. He doesn't have to tell people why he does. It's his right to dislike it. If they wanna abuse it, then it's their fault. + Is there a limit at dislike too?? Or is unlimited ??
  5. choco

    Liqour power

    I have not specifically addressed to you Lee <3
  6. choco

    Liqour power

    Well... Celebrate is "promoting" alcohol too... And some smilies from patrick, and the beer smilies. So this should not be any problem in making this power, right?
    1. Dimple


      Yaheyy so cute choco thanks(hug)

    2. Dimple


      ill see you in a month @choco i gonna miss you all(hug). Thanks for being(hug) one of my good of xat.com

      One of my good friend Xd sorry...

    3. choco


      Have fun in your holidays Dim <3

  7. Junior doesn't make cute smilies !!! Oops i mean he makes.
  8. choco

    Seal Power

    I wish Pokemon would be a power but Classified is right.
  9. choco

    Ckroach Power

    This sounds like a publicity. "Are you tired of your old knives ? Buy ours for only 9.99$. Look how easy I cut a stone in half !!! Don't hesitate. Call us right now and you will receive a plate too!All for 9.99$".
  10. Omg i like it ! My dad was obsessed with Tetris. He used to play it a lot... i think he still does. It's a nice suggestion and i like the way you made it. Supporting it !
  11. Please read the article linked below and follow the steps. It should help.
  12. choco

    Seal Power

    Thats why i said to look like the gif. It's only the head and its "hands" + the water. Around it could be a blue circle as water. A walrus smilie could be added too. Isn't that a seal with vampire teeth ? (hippo)
  13. choco

    Seal Power

    I was thinking if we can have a seal power. Could be like this http://i.imgur.com/6f2S78z.gif just different faces. One of the smilies could be a tail splashing the water and the pawn would be the same. Like http://prntscr.com/al4p8j but a seal tail. The smilies could be sfear - a seal looking scared in both directions , sanger - angry seal / red , ssad - sad seal / blue , sjoy - jumping seal / lavender , syuck - puking seal / green , snod - nodding seal / grey , sjealous - jelly seal / yellow , sshocked - surprised seal / purple , sshy - blushing seal / pink , shaha - laughing seal / white, sroll - rolling seal. I kinda think its cute. I hope you like it too.
  14. AxeBot SkyBot OrgBot BetaBot ImoBot WotBot AmoebaBot ChocoBot -->(hippo)<--
  15. choco

    LoveSick Power

    There are a lot of ugly powers that are useless or not used in conversations, like poke, nick, mining and more. At least this one can be used. xD It will be like beasts. Used in first week and forgotten after.
  16. choco

    LoveSick Power

    I kinda like it !!! Those smilies look good.I like that crazy "frog", the effects - animation and everything. Original and pretty. Supporting it and congrats if you made it by urself!!!
  17. choco

    Happy Birthday loveeeeeeeee !!! <3 <3 <3

    1. mino


      happy b day and happy easter giia (hug)

    2. Sevda


      Happy Birtday Gia (hug)

    3. Giia


      Thank you all (hug)

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