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  1. If you're helping someone and expect something in return, you're doing business not kindness. (meh)

    1. Flake


      thank u for ur inspirational words

    2. choco



  2. ***Forum Signature Contest*** Ok so as you can see this is a contest. (hippo) What the signature must include : ~"Choco" or "Gabbie"; That's kinda all i ask for. It might contain anything you want. Animes, movies, games, nature, quotes etc. It's all up to you. Just make it girlish. ~You can use any color you like; This is it for now. If i will think about something else i will edit this post. *You can have as many entries as you wish* Prize : 1000 xats The prize might increase depending on the number of entries. Prize holder : Paul (83735214) End date : the end of this month - 30th April 12:00 GMT+2. The winner will probably be announced in the same day. If you have any question about this contest you can message me here or you can find me on xat.com/xat5 and xat.com/help . Good luck and have fun !!!
  3. I am a bunny. Ok I am not.
  4. Ina Clementina :$ 

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      In your face!!!! :@:@:$

    3. choco


      I hate you noob. Bye :@ 

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      I hate you also noob. Bye. :@:@

  5. 7007007 7M was/is my fav but oh well...
  6. You're good !!! I love it. Lucky 6. <3
  7. Black Friday Nice or rude ?
  8. I really want it too. All the weird ones. How comes you don't want (sman) tho ?? PS : I want (hippo) ! Or at least (sman).
  9. I liked this one. Noragami Aragoto too. Guess i'll start watching Code Geass now as everybody say its good. :3
  10. Am pretty obsessed with this one:
  11. Only trade is the official chat. The other ones are 'cheap copies'. Except loja. At least there is respect. On topic : Good luck with your chat.
  12. choco

    Seal Power

    Maybe next is polar bear. LOL Kpeng is cute tho.
  13. choco

    Seal Power

    Looks cute but this is not the way i wanted it to be. That's why i specified it to be like the first gif i posted. If smilies would be like this ( the whole seal ) no one will use them ( at least i wouldn't ). It might be a smilie in the power, but not all like this. You did a good job there tho. I like the way it looks. But http://prntscr.com/am9ias this is the way i want them to be. Because the flipper would move ( like flower power's leafs ) and we could use any smilie we want on it. And also all their faces would work on any other smilie. If that makes sense. If the smilie would be the whole seal, and with that blue thing, then the seal would be little. Too little. Just imagine it in a chat room. Would look like this . Now, I personally wouldn't use this because it doesn't appeal to me at all.
  14. I still find it being ok. I know that it won't be right if someone would send inapp pics and we could see them. But i find it easier to see what's the pic about than click and wait for the img to load. The image would also be small as i said before, probably the size of the avatars. Or 60x60. So it won't disrupt the chat and you could actually see if its inapp, normal img, or a chat print.
  15. You don't have to repeat yourself. You said the same thing 3 times already. Also about the crystal pawn idk. I personally don't see it being a thing. I don't see any new pawn coming out soon. Crow is right about the ruby pawn and ep.
  16. So you can ban faster. If someone post inapp pics by the time i click and load the image 90% of the chat see it. xD
  17. Both Cartoon or anime ?
  18. The code thing, i dont see it needed. On the other side, the images showing but small ofc would be nice. Even tho, i dont think it will be made as we don't really need it. Even if it's link or a little image we still need to click to see it.
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