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  1. choco

    20 Bg's PCBACK

    Damn Manu awesome as always. Think i'll need a pcback soon too. Now i know who's gonna do it.
  2. choco

    Free Bg's

    OK Manu I knew you were good but WOW !!! I absolutely love those bgs !! You should actually be paid for it. I know you're doing it because you like it and you don't wanna be paid but hello, you are doing a GREAT JOB!
  3. Not my fav team but i'm happy France didn't win.
  4. I like it. So many good games were suggested. Yet no new game on xat.
  5. If trolling would be paid... xD
  6. Why do people have to know the reason you are afk/brb and for how long?? It's enough to see you're away.
  7. Not sure about it. We already have the (away) power which we can use if we go afk.
  8. There are a lot of good entries but the winner is @Henry. Pc @Paul for your prize. Thanks all for entering and sorry for not being online earlier to announce the winner.
  9. choco

    Skull Power

    Ye , would be nice for Halloween and not only. About it being creepy it could be done creepier. The PIC I showed is just an example so you have an idea about how it should look. This would be cool.
  10. choco

    Skull Power

    Hello. I know skull power was already suggested back in May 2014, in a 'suggest a smiley power' thread. However, the idea was very brief and not explained. I recently found a pic which reminded me of the idea, so thought it was worth suggesting and explaining properly this time. The name would be - skull - (unless you can think of something better). The smilies would be: (sksmile),(skyawn),(skgrin),(sklove),(skcool),(sksad),(skcry),(skfedup),(skdizzy),(skgogo),(skangry),(skdead),(sksleep),(skwhat),(skgag),(skyell). The power would also have a back smilie, and the hat would be an empty skull or a bone. The example is here: . Let me know your thoughts! PS:The image is just an example.
  11. I like it. Looks like you put a lot of effort into making them. Keep doing it. You're doing a good job.
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