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  1. Maxo

    happy birthday choco 

  2. Happy  Birthday  @choco

  3. happy birthday !

  4. choco

    20 Bg's PCBACK

    Damn Manu awesome as always. Think i'll need a pcback soon too. Now i know who's gonna do it.
  5. Gabbie te iubesc my sweet <3

  6. choco

    Free Bg's

    OK Manu I knew you were good but WOW !!! I absolutely love those bgs !! You should actually be paid for it. I know you're doing it because you like it and you don't wanna be paid but hello, you are doing a GREAT JOB!
  7. Not my fav team but i'm happy France didn't win.
  8. choco

    Punch- Smiley Punch

    I like it. So many good games were suggested. Yet no new game on xat.

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