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  1. Whoever posts last wins!

    So it's pretty easy. It's a game, whoever posts last wins !! Looks like i am the winner so far !!!
  2. This or That ???

    I am so spamming this section but here we go. This or That ??? One person asks something like "X or Y???" and someone else will answer. For example: Person 1 : Day or night ??? Person 2 : Night. Hope you got it. I'll start now. Chocolate or vanilla ???
  3. Yum or Yuck ???

    Ok so the person above you names a type of drink or food and you have to say yum or yuck. Then you name a type of drink/food and the next person say yuck or yum. And so on. Example: Choco - carrots Next pers - Yuck Chocolate Next next pers - Yum Pork And so on. I start first : Broccoli
  4. Double Letter

  5. Funny Videos !!!

    I was just watching this video : and i couldnt stop laughin'. So pretty much this topic will be about funny videos. Post the videos the makes you laugh and lets laugh together.
  6. Best Valentines Smilley COMBO

    Good luck to everybody. :3
  7. 20 Bg's PCBACK

    Damn Manu awesome as always. Think i'll need a pcback soon too. Now i know who's gonna do it.
  8. Free Bg's

    OK Manu I knew you were good but WOW !!! I absolutely love those bgs !! You should actually be paid for it. I know you're doing it because you like it and you don't wanna be paid but hello, you are doing a GREAT JOB!
  9. Whoever posts last wins!

    Guess who ?!
  10. Congratulation to Portugal

    Not my fav team but i'm happy France didn't win.
  11. Punch- Smiley Punch

    I like it. So many good games were suggested. Yet no new game on xat.
  12. Congratulations to Harrison!!!

    Grats Hairyson !!!
  13. What is your dream job?

    If trolling would be paid... xD
  14. Let's see. I need more songs in my playlist. My fav one is :
  15. New power (supertickle)

    Why do people have to know the reason you are afk/brb and for how long?? It's enough to see you're away.
  16. New power (supertickle)

    Not sure about it. We already have the (away) power which we can use if we go afk.
  17. Double Letter

  18. Word Association

    Wrecking ball
  19. What's your biggest fear?

    Same. Nyctophobia sucks.
  20. Signature Contest.

    ***Forum Signature Contest*** Ok so as you can see this is a contest. (hippo) What the signature must include : ~"Choco" or "Gabbie"; That's kinda all i ask for. It might contain anything you want. Animes, movies, games, nature, quotes etc. It's all up to you. Just make it girlish. ~You can use any color you like; This is it for now. If i will think about something else i will edit this post. *You can have as many entries as you wish* Prize : 1000 xats The prize might increase depending on the number of entries. Prize holder : Paul (83735214) End date : the end of this month - 30th April 12:00 GMT+2. The winner will probably be announced in the same day. If you have any question about this contest you can message me here or you can find me on xat.com/xat5 and xat.com/help . Good luck and have fun !!!
  21. Signature Contest.

    There are a lot of good entries but the winner is @Henry. Pc @Paul for your prize. Thanks all for entering and sorry for not being online earlier to announce the winner.