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  1. Hello @alexthcapitan, Did you buy xats on xat.com/buy page and were the money taken from you after you tried to purchase xats? Did you get an email confirmation of the purchase? If yes, please try to re-login on your account and you should be able to receive your xats already. If the money is taken from and you didn't get an email confirmation of the purchase yet, there could be delays so I would suggest to wait within 24 hours for the xats to arrive. If within 24 hours and you didn't get your xats yet, I would suggest to open a ticket under the
  2. Hello @oldcompany, What are you opening a ticket for? Some ticket departments are required for you to be a paid user in order to be able to open a ticket. If you are opening a ticket in paid department and you're not a paid user, the volunteers will not open a ticket for you. To be a paid user, you must at least purchase a $5 worth of xats on the xat buy page. If you're trying to open on a non-paid ticket department, but you're unable to open a ticket, please private message a volunteer here on the forum and politely ask for help. Ple
  3. I have banned Mano for killing the game
  4. I banishbanned the people above me from xat for repeatedly banning me without my permission
  5. I have superbanned Paul and Phin forever for banning each other
  6. ^^ I chanclaban you for getting the game right
  7. I have banned Bau and Blacky from the xat forum forever for not following the simple rules of this game Guys you better do it right next time
  8. I chanclabanned all these people for having cringey but cool ban reasons
  9. I silentbanned Cupim for the reason: LMAO This is a forum game thread not a thread for discussions. Please follow our rules on how to play the game.
  10. I hippobanned Joshua for tagging someone who didn't play on this game yet
  11. I ban mia for not helping me with banning them
  12. I banned these people for mentioning my name
  13. I snakeban you for putting your regname and ID on your signature!
  14. I'll start the game with me. I ban this post for making a new weird game.
  15. Hey guys, let's play a new game! This game is known outside other forums so I thought of bringing this here. How to play: You're a Moderator on this game. You can say, ''I ban you - or you're banned for whatever reason'' (i.e. having a certain Avatar, Name, Signature, Post, or for just being banned for no apparent reason). User 1: I ban you for having a not cute name. User2: You're banned for being late to reply on this game You can use different types of ban to ban a post or user.. (i.e. slotban, blastban, ban hammer, superban,
  16. 6


    You can always change the chat's password after making a co-mainowner. I think to avoid having your chat messed up by another user who you have made a co-main, I would propose something where only the creator of the chat can edit and make changes on the chat (who's ID is attached to the chat's email). This means, that a co-mainowner would be limited with to most features in the edit page of the chat, except being able to promote the chat and change the chat's backgrounds. So changing the chat's description, reseting the chat, etc should be limited to a co-main owner.
  17. I agree, an ''Edited'' indicator would be a good idea and would useful to see if there has any changes on one's forum message. It may not be an issue at the moment, but it can be abused at anytime by users.
  18. 6

    Update the Sounds

    I actually still see a lot of users (well toons) who often uses audies when trolling and spamming on the chat. Sometimes I also see users from radio chats using audies But I think SethTI's idea is a good, this would also make users encouraged to use more audies. If only we can record our voice for like a few seconds and send them through audies
  19. Pretty cool xs, thanks @JasonOficial for sharing this! @BRABO nice cup there.
  20. Hello @WeeWorld, When logging in on your account, make sure that you are entering the correct Username/Email or Password. Do you still have access to the account's email? If so, please go to https://xat.com/lostpass and try to reset your account's password. Make sure your password only contains alphanumeric characters (a-z A-Z 0-9) and at least 8 characters long of a password. If you no longer have access to the account's email. You will have to open a ticket at https://xat.com/ticket under the "Lost Access" help topic using and alternate accoun
  21. Hello @addo11, Is your chat newly created? If so, could you give it some time for it to appear on the xat groups page. Make sure that chat is NOT set to ''Don't include this chat box on any lists or charts'' on your Edit group page. Make sure that the chat is active, means that your chat must have an online active users present on the chat. You could also assign Supporter powers, it could let your chat be featured on the xat group's supported page. Also, if I'm not mistaken, you have a ticket open? If so, it would be wise to wait pat
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