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  1. Hey Hi @Felipe_ You can report this bug here or any bugs that you may find in the future https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/
  2. Welcome and congratulations also to Samuel!
  3. @Thuk and @Leandro has been added to the group, welcome and congratulations guys!
  4. I think that you can do this using the bot if you are the bot owner, for example using the [!mod me] command. Although, I like the idea having a power that has a function like this.
  5. Hello @mikelESP, Are you still trying to open a ticket? If yes, please follow the steps above that Stif has advised to you on how to have a ticket. Another one of the volunteers that you may try contact, see here: https://forum.xat.com/staff If you have a ticket open already. Please be remain patient to get an answer. Make sure that you have provided them information to make it faster the process of solving the issues on your account. In the mean time, please keep waiting and check your email daily for any ticket notifications.
  6. Hello R3N3GADO, Do you still have the QR code or the time based mode code saved? This can be used to try to recover your token code. If you're not able to save them, you would need a volunteer to open a ticket for you, please private message a volunteer here on the forum and politely ask for help. Please include the following information on your message: Your registered name and ID The email associated to the account. Please mention if you still have access to the account's email or not. And the reason for needing a ticket. (You lost your Token code and that you need a Lost Auth ticket) One of the volunteers you may try to contact here: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Good luck!
  7. Just saw the ad last night and it looks awesome, I'm definitely gonna try and play it on my phone.
  8. 6

    508 SLIMEFX

    As yellow as this http://prntscr.com/kgzm34 ? I saw some users have expressed on the chat that the slimes should be in different colors but I'm sure you can always add colors to them anyway with the color powers
  9. Wouldn't hurt to add more fresh new ban/kick animations to boost these powers
  10. 6


    That's why a duration of minute/s between each cycles of hats is needed. I'm sure 1-3 minutes between cycles of each hat is long enough from changing to a different hat for a pawn to avoid from being disruptive. I think the duration of minutes could be raised to a maximum of 5-10 minutes between each cycle.
  11. 6


    I think the idea is nice, something new for hat related features. There's many new permanent hats that has been made permanent so having to be able to use between 1-3 hats in cycled motion without combining the existing available hats would actually be nice. I would love this, to be able to use my most favorite hats at the same time, without manually changing them like every hour. I think the hat could be taken 2 from the permanent hats and one from new power being released each week. I think 1-3 minutes is okay between each cycle of hat pawns and this power should require a Flashrank power to function. Like for example you want to use the baseball cap, crown and ktree1 hat. The following command would be $cyclehat1=hatcode#optionalcolorcode#the duration of time you want to cycle it to Ex: $cyclehat=hat#t#000001#2#hat#C#fffccc#3#hat#hd#000001#1 My command example above might be a little messy
  12. Hello @Mrkutsal, Do you have a ticket open already about this issue? If so, please patiently wait for a response on your ticket as you'll eventually get a response. In the meantime, please check your email daily for any ticket notifications. If you do not have a ticket open yet. You would need a ticket in Lost Access help topic if you have forgotten/lost access to your email. To do this, please make a temporary account that you can login and that you have access with the email. To open a ticket: Login on an account that you have access with the email Go to https://util.xat.com/support/open.php to open a ticket Select ''Lost Access'' as your Help Topic Make sure that your subject in ticket is five words or more In the ticket message, please address the issue you are having on your account and don't forget to mention the username you have lost access with And finally, click the ''Open Ticket'' button below to send your ticket and wait for a response. If you have any other questions regarding this issue, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you. Good luck!
  13. 6

    bro happy birthday!(hug) (blowkiss)

  14. 6

    Power: Cryptids

    This sounds cool, we could also add Kappa (folklore - a mythical creature in Japan) into the collection! I would want to see a hug animation where bigfoot appears from left to right on the chat while running and stomping on a user's pawn, then a mist appears and disappears followed by a hug message. This animation can be also used as a ban/kick animation.
  15. 6

    Date Bff/Married

    http://prntscr.com/ke598s the date is added there in the example and I think that having a list of previous bffs/marriages would make it look messy, unless it's listed somewhere like in the login page.
  16. 6

    Submenu to forum

    There's always a space and has a large space for the user's suggestions on this section. I think you are concerned with a user who suggest powers using drawing. In short, you would want the user to have it's own section exclusively for his drawing power suggestions or to those who creates their own power smiley suggestions that are not just taken from Google as an examples. I think LaFleur's thread list of power suggestions is actually pretty neat and categorized and serves a purpose already as to why power suggestions that receives positive feedbacks should be considered and not be forgotten.
  17. Hello @Florin312, If you are trying to change your chat group's email address, you cant. If you still have access to the chat, you can try to reset the whole chat and set it to members only. Within the 90 days period that the chat is inactive with no chat staffs present, the chat will be put up for sale and you'll be able to buy the chat. Once the chat is up for sale, you should be able to buy the chat with a new email address that you have access with. If you are trying to change your xat account's email address and have lost access to it, you would need to open a ticket in Lost Access help topic and request to get your email address changed. In order to open a ticket under this help topic, you must be logged in on an account that you have access with the email. Open a ticket in Lost Access help topic Make sure that the subject in ticket is five words or more In your ticket message, mention your username and ID, the email you lost access with And the email you want to change it to Once you are able to open a ticket, wait for a response. Check your email daily for any ticket notifications.
  18. I spaceban you for 168 hours for banning someone who didn't ban a user before you
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