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  1. I have banned the person above for 999 hours for banning himself
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  3. 6

    xat ID

    In addition to registering a xat account, it's also recommended to use a gmail account and also make sure to click the activation link after registering a xat account.
  4. Well I was actually hoping that Luffy would easily defeat Big Mom with their encounter at each other in the whole cake island, but I guess Luffy at the time is still weak to fight with Big Mom.
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    Random Topics

    Happy birthday to our member here @Paws!
  6. 6


    What really??? Is there really such a thing as Beyblade world championship?
  7. What's your chat group's name? Is the chat recently created? There's a few suggestions you may try to do: 1. If your chat is able to be promoted, you can try to promote your chat here: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/promotion.php. Promoting you chat will appear on xat homepage and while promoting your chat, remember to follow the promotion guidelines. 2. You can assign (supporter) powers, this will let your chat appear in the xat's supported group page tab. Note that your chat must not be delisted/torched in order to appear in the supported tab. 3. Maintain the activi
  8. Hello radiotuganetfm, Have you bought xats on xat.com/buy before? If yes, since whens the last time you bought xats using the Paypal payment method? You must know that buying xats on xat.com/buy using the Paypal payment method is available once every two weeks from the time you buy xats. If you have bought xats recently less than two weeks ago, then I suggest waiting a couple of days until the Paypal payment method is available again to you. In the meantime, you can also use other payment methods that is available in your country to buy xats. Also, you can try to buy x
  9. 6

    520 KCAR

    Like divacar, a smiley on the car
  10. Welcome to the one year anniversary edition of the monthly Contributor log! We can't promise chocolates, jewellery or a romantic meal (or cheap flowers from the gas station), but we do have a brand new review to share with you all. Here's to another exciting year on xat! You can find our previous logs here. ONGOING DISCUSSIONS
  11. 6

    518 MUERTOS

    It seems Muertos power is added to the collection of Superhalloween power, can someone please confirm this? If it is, then it will be added shortly to the Superhalloween list in wiki.
  12. Love the smilies but it would be perfect if they're colorful! My idea of smilies would.. 1. Sugar skull/calavera as Angelo metioned above! 2. A yellow smiley having it's eyes all black with flower/petal shaped on the round tip of the blacked eyes. 3. A sugar skull smiley with a mexican hat http://prntscr.com/lay6ug 4. A female and male smiley with sugar skull decorated on their face 5. I'm not sure there's already a smiley, a skeleton standing and dancing while playing a guitar and wearing a mexican hat 6. An old black creepy book with words slo
  13. 6

    518 MUERTOS

    The colored skull pawn is lovely, how come we don't have the smiley to its only available as a pawn, it's a shame . We could have also add more smilies that looks related to the colored skull pawn.
  14. 6

    518 MUERTOS

    This power reminds me of the The Book of Life animation movie. Love the colored skull pawn, nice power for the halloween! Amazing job to the creator of the movie.
  15. Hello @ider, If you are locked out of your account and you're receiving the error E29 when trying trying to login on your account, please use this form to request a ticket open for you: https://forum.xat.com/requests/open-a-ticket/?do=form Please select ''Locked Out'' as the type of your request, fill in your registered name, ID and your xat account's e-mail address, then click ''Save'' button to submit your request. After sending your request, please wait patiently and a volunteer will open a ticket for you and also please check your e-mail for any ticket notifications.
  16. Yep good thing I bought several powers of it before Halloween because prices are getting higher at the moment. I'm guessing, you have predicted for the SuperHoliday/SuperChristmas too?
  17. 6

    Mango Power

    Halloweey mango ( sorry for the ugly doodle but I wanted it to look like funny) I think instead of having mango smilies with regular emotes, we could combine mango smilies in some activities or with some accessories. For example, one mango smiley wearing a sports wear, one smiley dancing, one mango smiley in red color and singing, etc..
  18. 6

    517 GLASSES

    Is the power idea taken from this suggestion? That cool glasses we need for partying
  19. Is this the missing bigfoot This guy is more like eating a bowl of ramen than puking Btw, goob job on making this power guys!
  20. 6


    I like the idea of a Sandfx. Just like the image example above, we can make any smilies fades and appears with a sand effect. Great idea for a power like this, so keep the good ideas coming more. Nice job making the examples above! Another ( effect ) could be a smiley slowly fading into sand but not turning back into a smiley again. Or another effect could be a sand in a tornado shape forming down into any smiley.
  21. 6

    Cartoon eyes

    We now have the Eyeeye power
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