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    Although it might not be exactly look like the example he provided, I think that it's not impossible to make some Dragon balls anime-like smilies. We have this pawn (hat#h#anime2) from Superanime power which is Son Goku inspired, and some other smilies from Anime power like astro, haira3 (Timari from Naruto), haira2 (Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z), haira4 (Shikamaru Nara from Naruto). We can for example have some ''saiyan effects and kame hame ha effects'' and call it Aurafx / Forcefx Hatgk sounds a good one pawn, the (hat#h#anime2) pawn is just missing a tail.
  2. Nice cause there. I think showing a few more chat background examples of your work would attract more users to buy your chat bgs.
  3. 6

    524 WIGS

    ID: 524 Name: Wigs Status: Limited Price: 239 xats Smilies: Limited Pawns: See wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Wigs Some smilies and pawns are inspired by Sia. Enjoy! Thanks and great job on creating this power, Junior!
  4. If you didn't receive any email in your inbox, then try checking your spam/trash folders in your email.
  5. I find thisnew designs of gif avatars very amazing, looking forward to more example of avatars. Great job!
  6. This idea is inspired from the Ohagi man and from a donut animation of Bestfriend power. (the donut and cup holding each other looks so sweet) The idea of this power is having a couple of smilies with limb hands and feet (the smilies can have feet or without). Here's a few examples below. 1. a fruit, cup, donut or riceball smiley dancing, a cookie in awe, a pizza being mad xD a dice smiley stops from rolling down and hands and feet slowly appears one by one an ohagi smiley trying to jump off the fence Valentines theme smilies: a set of couple foods and drinks (just like the donut and coffee cup animation) 2. a popcorn bucket and drinks couple, bacon and egg couple, kringle and coffee couple a hamburger and a soda drinks couple hugging each other a glass of milk and a cookie couple a pancake and a syrup of bottle couple a hotdog and a ketchup paste couple A pawn I could think for this but not sure if it would fit to a small pawn I'm still not sure what appropriate name to give to the smilies, so any suggestions of what name should these smilies have?
  7. 6

    Automatic logaut.

    Here's a few fix you could try to solve this issue. Clear your cookies and cache, then restart your browser and re-login again. Keeps on logging in repeatedly until logs you in successfully and or use different browsers to login on xat
  8. 6

    Automatic logaut.

    Are you getting the error E37? Could you please copy and paste here the error that you're getting or take a screenshot of it and show here.
  9. 6

    Power Cupid :D

    That's scary, imagine getting hit by an arrow , but I love the idea of how bunch of love hearts would then emanate from the user from getting hit by an arrow. My idea would of an animation, a cupid rapidly shooting arrows at the user or trying to shoot a user with arrows one by one but the user is trying to avoid them and still got hit with an arrow in the end. (inspired with the Heartbreak power xP)
  10. 6


    This defeats the purpose of Cyan
  11. or an SOS game http://prntscr.com/liuwr3
  12. Can't we do a xat-style version instead?
  13. Snakes and Ladders game
  14. Solitaire is usually played solo but it can also be played with 2 players (but I'm not sure how to play with double players-haven't tried it before)
  15. Is Solitaire and Scrabble game possible? Dutch Blitz game
  16. 6

    Yes or No

    No, I'm not fond of using glows on my name (but I like Namegrad) Would you spend over $500 this Blackfriday?
  17. 6

    ID Auction

    If we're really thinking of the future IDS' prices, I pretty much would not want an ID Auction anytime soon. With the many releases of ID Auctions previously, the demand and the IDS' prices have become low and it doesn't really help the xat's economy. Perhaps we could maybe have Shortnames, Chatgroup, Powers auctions
  18. Edgy Please follow the game's rules, next time. See here
  19. I have banned ^ this guy for 0.001 hours for not knowing how to put makeup correctly
  20. 6

    521 PIGGY

    @Admin bumpin this because there are other users complaining that (pigback) effect doesn't work
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