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    Power Cupid :D

    That's scary, imagine getting hit by an arrow , but I love the idea of how bunch of love hearts would then emanate from the user from getting hit by an arrow. My idea would of an animation, a cupid rapidly shooting arrows at the user or trying to shoot a user with arrows one by one but the user is trying to avoid them and still got hit with an arrow in the end. (inspired with the Heartbreak power xP)
  2. 6


    This defeats the purpose of Cyan
  3. or an SOS game http://prntscr.com/liuwr3
  4. Can't we do a xat-style version instead?
  5. Snakes and Ladders game
  6. Solitaire is usually played solo but it can also be played with 2 players (but I'm not sure how to play with double players-haven't tried it before)
  7. Is Solitaire and Scrabble game possible? Dutch Blitz game
  8. 6

    Yes or No

    No, I'm not fond of using glows on my name (but I like Namegrad) Would you spend over $500 this Blackfriday?
  9. 6

    ID Auction

    If we're really thinking of the future IDS' prices, I pretty much would not want an ID Auction anytime soon. With the many releases of ID Auctions previously, the demand and the IDS' prices have become low and it doesn't really help the xat's economy. Perhaps we could maybe have Shortnames, Chatgroup, Powers auctions
  10. Edgy Please follow the game's rules, next time. See here
  11. I have banned ^ this guy for 0.001 hours for not knowing how to put makeup correctly
  12. 6

    521 PIGGY

    @Admin bumpin this because there are other users complaining that (pigback) effect doesn't work
  13. I have banned the person above for 999 hours for banning himself
  14. 6

    xat ID

    In addition to registering a xat account, it's also recommended to use a gmail account and also make sure to click the activation link after registering a xat account.
  15. Well I was actually hoping that Luffy would easily defeat Big Mom with their encounter at each other in the whole cake island, but I guess Luffy at the time is still weak to fight with Big Mom.
  16. 6

    Random Topics

    Happy birthday to our member here @Paws!
  17. 6


    What really??? Is there really such a thing as Beyblade world championship?
  18. What's your chat group's name? Is the chat recently created? There's a few suggestions you may try to do: 1. If your chat is able to be promoted, you can try to promote your chat here: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/promotion.php. Promoting you chat will appear on xat homepage and while promoting your chat, remember to follow the promotion guidelines. 2. You can assign (supporter) powers, this will let your chat appear in the xat's supported group page tab. Note that your chat must not be delisted/torched in order to appear in the supported tab. 3. Maintain the activity of your chat, means having at least active members always on your chat. This will certainly give your chat a chance to appear on xat's homepage. There's is no reseller from London, but these are the trusted resellers on xat you can buy xats/days from: xat.wiki/Resellers You can try to contact them on the chat, they also accepts Paypal and other payment methods.
  19. Hello radiotuganetfm, Have you bought xats on xat.com/buy before? If yes, since whens the last time you bought xats using the Paypal payment method? You must know that buying xats on xat.com/buy using the Paypal payment method is available once every two weeks from the time you buy xats. If you have bought xats recently less than two weeks ago, then I suggest waiting a couple of days until the Paypal payment method is available again to you. In the meantime, you can also use other payment methods that is available in your country to buy xats. Also, you can try to buy xats and days from a reseller too.
  20. 6

    520 KCAR

    Like divacar, a smiley on the car
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