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  1. xat Married too It's expected to have a SuperValentine since we already have (Superxmas, SuperHalloween, Supersummer) which I am hoping too I like the idea of having able to send a free valentines card to someone , but maybe something like just once to each ID or only available to who you are BFF/Married with. It would also be nice if we could have a new type of valentine kiss and hug too
  2. Dem into fortnite @Kyle & @ Brandy , @PresidentLogan , That guy dancing he's really famous now @Rexor
  3. cups, hats, pizzas, muertos, wigs I love them because of their pawns specially muertos, the diskull pawn it's my permanent pawn at the moment. And some smilies from those powers I always use on the chat daily.
  4. It would be first come first serve whoever the first one to have the $5B
  5. Some comments are hilarious are funny! I enjoyed reading them. In all seriousness, I would be very thankful if I have this worth of money and I would travel the whole world as much as I love to always of course my whole family and friends would be the first to receive money from me, I'll make them millionaires first . I just have to make sure that I still have enough money saved for when I'm old and can't work anymore. I'd buy a dream house, car, jewelries, etc. for myself go to places where there's still many unfortunate people living in many poor villages, give them enough money to have a good house, enough money to pay for education, medical and for investment donate money to different charities, personally donate and help to many people who are struggling financially with their health and education (in my country studying and medical are free) donate to poor schools, have some kind of scholarship programs to students (in my few travels to some countries in Asia, I have seen some classrooms in schools that are very poorly built, books and other school supplies are very needed by students and even the students doesn't have a proper school uniforms) To build and manage several Hotel and Restaurants in some countries On xat (Not buying xat though lol) I would give 1M xats to every users who are in my friends' list right now and 6M xats to my bffs .. uwu I would give EP to everyone I first see on the chat the day I win a 5 billion dollars A contest every week worth of 1M xats worth of giveaways To give Paul 50M dollars so she can find a gf..lol jk To give Maxo 100M dollars so he can buy all those things he wanted to buy to his friends To buy a cat Island and gift to Elie uwu
  6. 6

    It's My Birthday!!

    Austin (638877683)
  7. 6

    I want help

    This type of issue should be dealt on the chat. If you think that you're unfairly banned please contact the main owners of the chat to appeal you ban. Next time please use this to report: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Trade
  8. I have superblastbanned everyone that didn't follow this game proprerly for 168 hours.
  9. Nope it looks sucks without the hat. Can the hat be made a little smaller to make it fit? The smile kinda looks creepy but is better and suitable replacement. I think the (flustered) smiley that blushes could be good too I guess?
  10. I think I'm okay with just a (smile) for thanks reactions, a positive good looking smiley face. But I feel like there's a hidden sarcasm on this smiley face ''''. I'd like to see (pty) smiley for congratulating a person or an events. (pty) can be useful too in Contest and Events threads.
  11. 6


    Agreed, this could be added as an upgrade feature to the Away power, where we can put a message and a reason of why we're away on the chat, but away power works when you're online and idle on the chat for a couple minutes. I think it's more appropriate to implement this as a user feature on HTML5 instead of making a power. ''Hey I'm not home at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep...''
  12. Yay he has a fancy short ID now
  13. Hello AmonRa2017, When did you open a ticket? You should check the email's inbox and spam/junk folders for any ticket notifications from info@xat.com, the email associated to your account you used to open a ticket. If it has been a couple of months already and you still didn't receive any ticket notifications from xat, then I advise you to private message one of the volunteers and politely request for further assistance regarding your ticket. When you message a volunteer, please send your registered name and ID, and the email associated to your account that is having an issue.
  14. Congrats again Junior and congrats LaFleur!
  15. 6


    I'm surprised some christmas related powers aren't included like Snowman, Reindeer, Santa, Claus, Noel, Reveal, Holidays, Sleighhug, Xmasfactory
  16. A collection of christmas related powers. ID: 526 Name: Superxmas Status: Collection Price: Unknown Smilies: Not available yet Pawns: Required powers for Superxmas: Choirhug, Christmas, Christmix, Kxmas, Ornaments, Snowy, Sparklefx, Treefx, Tropicalxmas, Winter, Winterland and Xmasscroll See wiki for more information: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Superxmas
  17. Heyaaa, looking forward for the Chat xmas party uwu and happy holidays to everyone too! Thanks for the hard work this year we had a great on Chat
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