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  1. Where are the fashionistas at The red high heels shoe reminds me of this movie..so chic!
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  3. If it keeps saying that the ''Email does not match'' then that means that you are entering the wrong email to reset your chat's password. You have to remember the correct email you used to create your chat.
  4. Here's my letter... ..a letter of invitation
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    Spoiler Game

    Imma show and explain this to Witness again
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    Spoiler Game

    Heyyya everyone, let's play another game! This game is made to make use of the spoiler feature we have here on forum. How to play this game: First, you need to post a youtube video, an image, a poem, a phrase/quotes, etc. and then followed by your spoiler message. If you don't know how to use the spoiler feature, follow the guide below. It would be appreciated much if you guys could follow the guide below while playing this very simple game. ❤ Step 1: Click the spoiler icon ( eye icon) at the top. Step 2. Please just leave blank the ''Spoiler label box'' and click the ''OK'' button. See here Step 3: The last step, write your spoiler message/second message on the spoiler box. See here Example #1: I let my gold fish listen to this song... Example #2: I showed this to my friend Please remember to keep things appropriate and follow our forum Guidelines, everyone. Also, if a post doesn't follow the game's guide above, a post may be asked to be edited or be hidden by a forum mod/vol. Enjoy and Good luck! btw this game is inspired from Youtube's comments
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    Hello, If the hold keeps repeating and doesn't decrease at all, you will need to create a ticket to have this issue solved. Open a ticket ''Account Hold'' help topic. Make sure that the subject in your ticket is at least five words. In the message, include a brief explanation of your account's issue. After sending the ticket please wait patiently for a response. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask here
  8. Since you already have a ticket regarding your recent issues, please ask more for further assistance in ticket and not here on forum and wait patiently for a response. Reminder: In the future, please do not create multiple topics with the same issues, so any things regarding your recent issues should be resolve in ticket and not here on forum.
  9. Thanks for the invitation best of luck to everyone and thanks for hosting this contest!
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    There's a lot of points to consider on how much a person have contributed to xat. Like for example, there are many people who have been contributing to xat for years on the chat by helping other users but hardly visible and known on forum or around xat. Are you mainly gonna choose to honour contributors and volunteers? If it's them then it's already enough that they are recognized and appreciated as a contributor/volunteer for what they have contributed to xat over the years, some of them even receive test powers, etc. as a reward for various reasons they have made contributions to xat. If it's not enough, then what else could they be given for? unless they can be promoted as a xat admin.
  11. Hello, you should be able to open a ticket in the Account Block help topic yourself. Make sure that subject in ticket is at least five words. Also, please do not post your private information such as your email address for privacy and security reasons. If you're still not able to open a ticket despite following the guide above, you can message a volunteer on the chat or here on the forum and politely request for a ticket to be opened in Account Block. Please make sure to include your Registered name and ID and the email address associated to your account.
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    kitty 666000000
  13. xat Married too It's expected to have a SuperValentine since we already have (Superxmas, SuperHalloween, Supersummer) which I am hoping too I like the idea of having able to send a free valentines card to someone , but maybe something like just once to each ID or only available to who you are BFF/Married with. It would also be nice if we could have a new type of valentine kiss and hug too
  14. Dem into fortnite @Kyle & @ Brandy , @PresidentLogan , That guy dancing he's really famous now @Rexor
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