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    New Hats

    Has someone suggested the Trolls hats(Trolls movie) yet? They're quite looking good and would be interesting as hats. acctroll is from Accessory power however it is not included in one of the hats. I think that the rest of the hats from Accessory power are quite decent to be made permanent. Thanks to Lemona and Mike for making this power possible.
  2. 6

    New Hats

    There's many great suggestion from this thread and I say we should pick them up. http://prntscr.com/jtz3t2 Viking hat, Tie, Bowtie, Glasses and Suit and please make the Pizza (pizzaslice) hat a permanent pawn.
  3. I also have a fully upgraded Facility located in Paleto Bay, but I'm still missing some vehicles in there. I have a few high end apartments which I rarely use now because I always show up at the Facility every time I come online. LOL even my $10M+ worth of yacht is rarely used. I was thinking of getting some Business buildings but I think for now it will only be a waste. I'm missing Khanjali, Avengers, Vigilante, Insurgent Pickup, APC and many more which I'm saving cash to get them, although I think I have enough cash now to buy some of them. I have around $15M+ cash saved atm. btw, thanks for the info and I'll be sure to login for it haha
  4. Hi @Rexsin It might take a little while to update with your chat language, so give it a time. You can also try to use a different browser to see if will work promoting your chat. Also if the chat is newly created, you'll have to wait 7 days before you can promote your chat.
  5. 6


    Hello Nicholas, Please avoid creating a duplicate thread with the same issue, also please do not post your email address in public for safety and privacy reasons. You can reply here on your first thread and follow what Stif has suggested for you to do.
  6. I around rank 250+ and I haven't been playing in a while, the last timeI played was when there was a double cash and RPs on missions. Out of all Adversary modes, Deadline and Kill Qouta are, I mostly play Heists and call missions. How many properties do you own? Have you been saving cash?
  7. Out of all the games I bought and have, GTA 5 is the most game I've been playing on ps4 and I guess it's my fave atm. I also have it on steam but I don't play it often on pc. What level are you on GTA 5? What activities do you always play?
  8. 6

    499 KOFFEE

    Because of the smilies...the first power could be boosted but it doesn't seem like they'll fit together how smilies look like.
  9. 6

    499 KOFFEE

    Those eyes! You're missing a smiley reading newspaper/magazine while drinking coffee xD, but nice one though making this power
  10. Shouldn't it be easier to be a main owner again with some command with this power rather than pressing the chat box settings? This could be fun to users switching ranks on the chat once in a while.
  11. 6

    Happy birthday beautiful! (cute)

    1. Abbie


      Thank you ate! ❤️❤️❤️

    2. https


      happy birthday

    3. Abbie


      Thank you! 💕

  12. Or the power could be named as (rankself) and yeah I agree, this power should only limited to mainowners only as Daniel said. This will also avoid from being abused.
  13. 6

    Indigenous power

    Petroglyphs are quite amazing, after hundred of years they still exists. What's the cave's name, btw? I quite enjoyed this animation. xD
  14. 6

    Indigenous power

    I think for the convenience of the power's name, it should be called Tribes/Tribe power. There can be different features and accessories from different tribes. Here's also a few examples for your suggestion: A smiley hunting wild animal(deer/boar). A rock smiley with drawings or some kind of patterns on them. Two smilies holding spears and dancing together. btw, you made a good effort on drawing your suggestions, they look nice.
  15. 6

    My Gallery - Dazer

    You made quite good chat backgrounds, I love most of them. Awesome job you did there! Do you sometimes offer free backgrounds/pcback to users?
  16. 6

    Yes or No

    No and never lol Have you tried riding a rollercoaster with VR?
  17. 6

    Mushrooms power

    Thank you for the effort making these smilies! Although these looks pretty good, though they got a little bit less attractive. My whole idea for this is to have every mushroom smilies looks fluffy and cute ( I'm talking about their eyes and the spots on their head). those eyes, this is where i got the idea from.
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