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    New Power : Clans

    @FrozenZuke Please avoid double posting comments. You know that you can do multi qoutes using this feature http://prntscr.com/abs2o4 this way we can avoid spam/flood posting.
  2. 6

    New Power : Clans

    Yeah that's why i said i probably have to read his suggestion again and view the gif repeatedly to better understand it. Perhaps needs more explanations?
  3. 6

    New Power : Clans

    I probably have to read again your suggestion xD but this catches me http://prntscr.com/abrtwc < i think i'd like a function about friends lists where we can separate the lists of our added friends in two tabs like ''BFF'' list where we can have a choice to add our close/good friends in that tab next to the ''Friends'' list that is existing already. This might not be necessary but i still think it's cool.
  4. Yeah i really think this is unnecessary and we can always report a users who will break the rules as said above.
  5. lol i thought this is something about to suggest some ideas in xat's gifts kisses when i saw the title's thread before coming in. xD Anwaysss....buy her a big shiny diamond and a big bouquets of red roses!
  6. I like your suggestions, but on no. 1 i think that it won't be a good idea if a user post something inappropriate and suddenly delete it and it might be abused, the user should be punish about it. But i still think it's nice if this could be allowed on some certain sections only. I didn't know that there is a limit in liking posts, or was this because of the reputation? (hmm) I forgot to suggest (hmm) smiley.
  7. Hello everyone!!! Welcome here and thank you for joining the forum community. I created this thread to let you hear and know what i have in mind and i also would like to hear what you thought about this. I have thought of some few ideas to suggest for the new forum and i hope admins will take this into consideration in the future. If you have more suggestions to add, or doesn't agree to this please correct me or let me know. So here are the list of suggestions i have in mind... 1. I have mentioned this already on the other thread about this http://prntscr.com/abqbxk < and hope the xat logo would be colored with the original xat logo and the the star in Contributor would be colored with yellow or the same color as our forum name? 2. About the smileys http://prntscr.com/abqdi0 could we add more default smileys? Like (meh) (roll) (a) (goo) (think) (inlove) (smirk) I would love to see (goo) (inlove) to be added as default smileys specially when commenting on power suggestions or in graphics section. 3. When created a topic the topic isn't highlighted as this like in the old forum http://prntscr.com/abqigh can it be brought back in the new forum? 4. About the ''comments'' where is the feature http://prntscr.com/abqkdz where we can comment on someone's reply or post? Can this please added? Please be reminded to not to start with any kind of debates intent and please make sure to be appropriate, thanks. Will add more suggestions right away if something comes in mind.
  8. I like this suggestion this way users can't just use someone's xat regname and id for malicious intent. I hope this would be added or be updated on the user's account settings.
  9. I definitely love the forum too. It's neat and looks even cooler than the old forum..
  10. Ik and even fast foods are tastier xD
  11. I don't really have a custom widgets and backgrounds on my desktop since the upgrade on my window to win10 and coz' the widgets keeps changing with different background wallpapers but since you mentioned this i think i'll start putting a custim widgets and background wallpapers.
  12. Sir_Edward that's not healthy for us eating junk foods.
  13. Yeah i agree with you Hayley, thats actually confused me the first time i entered here on the new forum and i was like ''wow we have more new contributors!'' and then i went to check their profile they aren't a contributor.
  14. Mehh...i don't have any favorite food so anything that is tasty and edible to eat is fine for me lol JOKE!
  15. Yeah you're right, more fun, more color, more lively! I'm still hoping in the future.
  16. I hope admins change it in the future... and i feel like i'm in the autumn season .-. but still i like the new forum even though i'm being signed out over and over.
  17. Wow nice getting a notification with a tone. I like the new forum really but.... I have a little suggestions... http://prntscr.com/abpdvz < can the star be colored in blue or yellow or other colors? http://prntscr.com/abpeg5 < can this be colored also? the xat symbol can it be colored with the original xat color like this http://prntscr.com/abpett ? Looking at it..it's like dull and pale and boring to look at, just my opinion
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