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  1. 6

    Forum Smileys!

    Thanks and i hope they add it in the future. How about hit the like this button instead
  2. 6

    Hey muffins come back to xat :o

    1. zw


      Well, maybe -- I do miss you guys.

      I'll see if I can ghost you later.

  3. Wait Ethhhh! I thought ur fave power id (bitefx)
  4. What about Top Rated? or Most Active?
  5. I think admins and vols are aware of this.
  6. Nice suggestion though but i agree. What if someone got access on your email changed your recovery alternate address? I think i'd like xat add a phone number security check code like in gmail than auth.
  7. I prefer negotiating to the users with power's prices.
  8. I have some beef with this...
  9. Many users had been suggesting for the trade update and hopefully we get to see a trade update soon or there's probably more things to focus on for now than this?
  10. I thought it's fixed now. Sometimes it's signs me out and sometimes it works just fine. Using some different browsers works just fine too.
  11. Best smiley power - Anime Best function power - Nofollow Best group power - Gcontrol Best bot provider - Fexbot
  12. 6

    Suggest Hats

    LOL Lem that doesn't look like a cat to me a grinch xD
  13. 6

    Hi Syd glad to see u here!

    1. Sydno


      Hello 6! :) I'm also glad to be on this great forum!

    2. Mystic


      Welcome to the forum, Sydno!

    3. Sydno


      Thank you Mystic. Welcome too! :)

  14. 6

    Hi choco babe :$

    1. choco



    2. 6


      Haha use you're likes wisely (xd)

    3. Mystic


      Yeah, you can only like a maximum of 6 posts now

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  15. 6

    Suggest Hats

    @Lemona i definitely would love a crown hat. A pair of king and queen's crown hat on a pawn i'm pretty sure everyone will love it. Can someone please photoshop it for me coz' idk with photoshoping images...
  16. 6

    Forum Smileys!

    I'd like to suggest (meh) (roll) (a) (goo) (think) (inlove) (smirk) (hmm).
  17. That's pretty real and the view is nice. You're welcome i think i'll put the same desktop background too. xD
  18. Yeah i was about to say that i'm not Hayley. xD I'm gonna say it again that... ''I don't care about the post counts .. but i care about the ''Likes this'' haha LOL''
  19. I don't care about the post counts Haha limited 5 likes! and i like that http://prntscr.com/absk41 xD
  20. @Maverick That'd be cool and i think that is a big possibility in the future. @Lemona Haha yeah i really like this feature but damn limited. xD PS not much of people hitting the ''Like this'' button on me.
  21. It's kinda actually special to me Lem, it's a cool feauture honestly and i thought it is not limited changing our display name. Now for 180 days i will be the only user with a display username using single ''6'' name, lol cool. XD I'm sad why can't they make it at least 1 week like being able to change our regname once a week.
  22. But we can change our display username right anytime without limit of changing it to another name again, right? Oh demn i'm taking it back - i have to wait 180 days perios before i can change my display username again..smh!
  23. 6

    New Power : Clans

    Yes i think he read or reading the forum rules now and i think he forgot 'em again.
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