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  1. Best smiley power - Anime Best function power - Nofollow Best group power - Gcontrol Best bot provider - Fexbot
  2. 6

    Suggest Hats

    LOL Lem that doesn't look like a cat to me a grinch xD
  3. 6

    Hi Syd glad to see u here!

    1. Sydno


      Hello 6! :) I'm also glad to be on this great forum!

    2. Mystic


      Welcome to the forum, Sydno!

    3. Sydno


      Thank you Mystic. Welcome too! :)

  4. 6

    Hi choco babe :$

    1. choco



    2. 6


      Haha use you're likes wisely (xd)

    3. Mystic


      Yeah, you can only like a maximum of 6 posts now

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  5. 6

    Suggest Hats

    @Lemona i definitely would love a crown hat. A pair of king and queen's crown hat on a pawn i'm pretty sure everyone will love it. Can someone please photoshop it for me coz' idk with photoshoping images...
  6. 6

    Forum Smileys!

    I'd like to suggest (meh) (roll) (a) (goo) (think) (inlove) (smirk) (hmm).
  7. That's pretty real and the view is nice. You're welcome i think i'll put the same desktop background too. xD
  8. Yeah i was about to say that i'm not Hayley. xD I'm gonna say it again that... ''I don't care about the post counts .. but i care about the ''Likes this'' haha LOL''
  9. I don't care about the post counts Haha limited 5 likes! and i like that http://prntscr.com/absk41 xD
  10. @Maverick That'd be cool and i think that is a big possibility in the future. @Lemona Haha yeah i really like this feature but damn limited. xD PS not much of people hitting the ''Like this'' button on me.
  11. It's kinda actually special to me Lem, it's a cool feauture honestly and i thought it is not limited changing our display name. Now for 180 days i will be the only user with a display username using single ''6'' name, lol cool. XD I'm sad why can't they make it at least 1 week like being able to change our regname once a week.
  12. But we can change our display username right anytime without limit of changing it to another name again, right? Oh demn i'm taking it back - i have to wait 180 days perios before i can change my display username again..smh!
  13. 6

    New Power : Clans

    Yes i think he read or reading the forum rules now and i think he forgot 'em again.
  14. Ah with the forum username.
  15. That was just my opinion too. But what do you mean about the ''free name changed'' on user's xat registered name? I think this kind of topic there will be lots users who would be interested coz' i see how post counts matters to some users.
  16. 6

    New Power : Clans

    @FrozenZuke Thanks!, and i think you need to review the forum rules.
  17. Nofollow, nopm and nopc is one of my fave powers but then i don't get to use nopm and nopc when i'm at trade or at help chat.
  18. And then again if a user reaches 500+ posts what can they achieve? maybe like ''Super member'' would sounds cool.
  19. Haha now that you mentioned it Elie. I'm seeing few users now with ''Adv member'' under their names and it didn't even required to have 100+ or less of posts to get it.
  20. 6

    New Power : Clans

    @FrozenZuke Please avoid double posting comments. You know that you can do multi qoutes using this feature http://prntscr.com/abs2o4 this way we can avoid spam/flood posting.
  21. 6

    New Power : Clans

    Yeah that's why i said i probably have to read his suggestion again and view the gif repeatedly to better understand it. Perhaps needs more explanations?
  22. 6

    New Power : Clans

    I probably have to read again your suggestion xD but this catches me http://prntscr.com/abrtwc < i think i'd like a function about friends lists where we can separate the lists of our added friends in two tabs like ''BFF'' list where we can have a choice to add our close/good friends in that tab next to the ''Friends'' list that is existing already. This might not be necessary but i still think it's cool.
  23. Yeah i really think this is unnecessary and we can always report a users who will break the rules as said above.
  24. lol i thought this is something about to suggest some ideas in xat's gifts kisses when i saw the title's thread before coming in. xD Anwaysss....buy her a big shiny diamond and a big bouquets of red roses!
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