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  1. Nvm, I forgot but there's another way I can get a chat's ID without using the bot command. Thanks anyway (c)
  2. Thanks, but it doesn't work before since the chat isn't fixed yet and only keeps saying that the ''The chat doesn't exist'', now since the chat is working it should be working with that command.
  3. No I don't have it. How can I get the chat ID?
  4. picimuLi2014 (966762739) chat: xat.com/prishtinachat
  5. 6


    Maybe a command which can disable the users' moving statuses while you can keep yours to move or you could just select how many statuses of the users on the user list you can keep them from moving on your side.
  6. N for oh Na Na Na, M for oh Ma Ma Ma My Some phrase and lyrics you often hear on songs
  7. The bomb's color reminds me of the bomb from Fruit Ninja. This could be a good power in the future, just need more emotes for the smilies, maybe something like two bombs bumping each other and then exploding, that would be a good animation
  8. 6

    558 COUPLE

    You got the name power. Thanks to all the suggestions, smileymakers and the admin can get many ideas from them and can make a whole new set of powers. You got a nice suggestion but I think that they really did a good job with this new COUPLE power. I like how the smilies are made of human like features than just a bunch of round yellow smilies.
  9. DjCrazy

    ❤️ I miss you my @6  ❤️

  10. Tried to search similar suggestion such as this but I couldn't find one. I think something like a plain t-shirt that could be mixed with country flags ( ex: http://prntscr.com/ncomnn ) How about having something like 'Sportswear' where all sports wear from different games could be included If only there's no copyright issues, then some people would request the team's logos for sure
  11. I forgot about the lang power
  12. Too bad can't thowback with pics from chats, I lost them all in my old PC. Is HULK SMASHED a dunce or from a power?? That's some nice dunce lol
  13. 6


    This reminds me of sunny bunnies, they are very cute and fluffy
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