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  1. Any user here experiencing an issue just like I do? Every time I try to click the comments box for a 3-4 times it results like https://prnt.sc/n2uztt. I'm not able to reply right away and I have to refresh on the thread a couple of times. I have been experiencing this for a while. Although, this only happen on the first time I comment on a thread and it don't happen happen on the next attempt I try to reply a comment on a thread, but it's still annoying though when you're not able to comment right away.

    1. LaFleur




      Feel free to mention it on this topic again. It's been an issue for a while.

    2. Bau


      I'm not an expert in everything that happens, but We are working on this issue, when it is ready, it can be updated Forum. and you will not have this issue in the next update.

      I ask for forgiveness for everything.

      Regards Bau 

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