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  1. Hits

    happy sunday   (hi)

  2. Pika

    miss you bella 😍😔

    1. Stif


      we all do.

    2. Abrahan


      Missing 🥰😍

  3. 6

    Help me fast

    Hi, based on the screenshots, you are spammed with raid bots in your private chat. You can try using a (nopc) and (nopm) power to avoid being spammed then refresh on the chat, in this way the raider on your chat won't be able to send you a private message anymore if you have the (nopc) and (nopm) powers enabled.
  4. The event is 2:30 am for me. I can't promise if I'm able to attend the event, but good luck to all participating the event. Happy Halloween!
  5. 6

    Chapter 2

    As fortnite went black hole for hours and some players decided to uninstall them only to find out that a new chapter is released. I don't play the game anymore as I did before but I just saw the trailer and I say that they really did an awesome job this time, new map!
  6. With this, aside from the !mostactive command by the bot, I think there's a way to track also how active the staff been in a week or a month using the bot (I think Fexbot has this feature but is only available for main owners) @Angelo it wasn't clear for me how its done but I think it's similar to this I remember some chats before used to do something like this by rewarding the most active users on their chat with xats/powers to keep them always hangout on their chat everyday, this could be very fun for visitors if some chat owners would do something like this to keep the activity on the chat. ''A green or red icon could be displayed over the user to identify if they’re currently online on that particular chat or not.'' Would this defeat the purpose of those who are using the invisible power? I think a few options in the settings can be added like you can set some info to be public for example.. ☒ ☐ Show visibility on the chat (this is mainly to users who are using invisible power) ☐ ☑ Show time and date of user's activity etc.. And is the widget's skin color changeable? Why ask for a power with a feature like this when you could get it for free as a free widget.
  7. 6

    564 - Nin

    Unknown. Are we getting a big shuriken smiley moving round or so we have smiley already that's throwing out a shuriken.
  8. Urtzi looks lovely and I'm sorry to hear that, Blacky. May Urtzi rest in peace. (pray)
  9. Would love to see an animation where a smiley skiing down the mountain and and avoiding snowballs but in the end still ends up hitting a one big snowball, then followed by your message. xD
  10. I think you need to give more examples for this and widen your suggestion more. We have a winter power and the main smiley that looks already skiing, we also have a snowboard smiley already from winter power and I think we also have the ice skating smiley.
  11. 6

    559 - dinosaur

    We'll expect a crow power next time It's really nice that more suggestions and ideas from forum are being taken to make new powers. Keep up the good work guys!
  12. So then the issue of her chat powers being gone on her chat should be solved right now?
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