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  1. Tried to search similar suggestion such as this but I couldn't find one. I think something like a plain t-shirt that could be mixed with country flags ( ex: http://prntscr.com/ncomnn ) How about having something like 'Sportswear' where all sports wear from different games could be included If only there's no copyright issues, then some people would request the team's logos for sure
  2. I forgot about the lang power
  3. Too bad can't thowback with pics from chats, I lost them all in my old PC. Is HULK SMASHED a dunce or from a power?? That's some nice dunce lol
  4. 6


    This reminds me of sunny bunnies, they are very cute and fluffy
  5. I'm also experiencing this issue and is still happening. http://prntscr.com/n2v60z http://prntscr.com/n2v6l0 http://prntscr.com/n2v70f Seems like this occurs the first time I attempt to comment on a thread. I'm using a Chrome browser
  6. Any user here experiencing an issue just like I do? Every time I try to click the comments box for a 3-4 times it results like https://prnt.sc/n2uztt. I'm not able to reply right away and I have to refresh on the thread a couple of times. I have been experiencing this for a while. Although, this only happen on the first time I comment on a thread and it don't happen happen on the next attempt I try to reply a comment on a thread, but it's still annoying though when you're not able to comment right away.

    1. LaFleur




      Feel free to mention it on this topic again. It's been an issue for a while.

    2. Bau


      I'm not an expert in everything that happens, but We are working on this issue, when it is ready, it can be updated Forum. and you will not have this issue in the next update.

      I ask for forgiveness for everything.

      Regards Bau 

  7. Where are the fashionistas at The red high heels shoe reminds me of this movie..so chic!
  8. 6


  9. If it keeps saying that the ''Email does not match'' then that means that you are entering the wrong email to reset your chat's password. You have to remember the correct email you used to create your chat.
  10. Here's my letter... ..a letter of invitation
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