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  1. 6

    517 GLASSES

    Is the power idea taken from this suggestion? That cool glasses we need for partying
  2. 6

    516 GORILLA

    Is this the missing bigfoot This guy is more like eating a bowl of ramen than puking Btw, goob job on making this power guys!
  3. 6


    I like the idea of a Sandfx. Just like the image example above, we can make any smilies fades and appears with a sand effect. Great idea for a power like this, so keep the good ideas coming more. Nice job making the examples above! Another ( effect ) could be a smiley slowly fading into sand but not turning back into a smiley again. Or another effect could be a sand in a tornado shape forming down into any smiley.
  4. 6

    Cartoon eyes

    We now have the Eyeeye power
  5. SethTI

    H Kitty!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SethTI


      I just now noticed I said "H" instead of "Hi"..

    3. 6


      Hey HI @DjCrazy!

      @SethTII didn't actually notice it lol

    4. DjCrazy


      It's not that bad sweetie , I'm everywhere@6

  6. 6

    Hello Sarah the great mighty cat!

    1. zed


      hello mr305 the gr8 person

  7. 6

    Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

    kitty 666000000
  8. I have banned @miaa for leaving me leaving us leaving xat
  9. 6

    Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

    Kitty (666000000)
  10. 6

    Mixture power

    Something like this?
  11. 6

    Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

    Prize received, thanks Joshua!
  12. 6

    Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

    Kitty (666000000)
  13. Just want to add a little info. From most users that I have encountered having this issue are usually using aol/yahoo/hotmail email providers which has been an issue receiving emails from xat. So as Angelo said above, they can switch up to gmail account which is recommended to use.
  14. 6

    Greendi Power

    This thing look awesome and you did a good job creating the smiley, but could you add more smilies into this? There can be many smilies you could make from this, like for example: greendi with a jumping rope, giving punches to a punching bag but the punching bag bounces back to greendi's face , greendi punches out a bricks of wall and making a hole, greendi in yellow color eating vegetables and then turns into green color, etc.

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