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  1. This or That ???

    Pizza Penguin or Cat?
  2. if this in wiki page it would have been taken care of right away. It's from here From what i remember, this was pointed out already by another user and brought out to admin but yeah until now it's still there
  3. I bought days&xats but I do not get them

    Hi MistarLopata, If you have received an email confirmation about your purchase then proceed to login on your account. If you still didn't received your xats and days even after logging in then please proceed to Crow's suggestion by opening a ticket. Good luck and good day
  4. How u doin?<3  8-)

    1. Sergio


      I'm doing great but kinda busy with my studies. I keep checking forums to see how xat goes.

      What about you? I hope you're fine. 

    2. 6


      Same here and I''m doin' fine, thanks. Good luck on your studies. Advance merry xmas! (hug)

  5. Yes or No

    Yes Do you wanna build a snowman?
  6. Whoever posts last wins!

    uhm who is the winner?
  7. Pretty Girl - Maggie Lindemann and
  8. tickle codes not working

    Hello AmonRa2017, If you still have the QR code or the time base mode code saved you should be able to set it up again on your Gauth app. Unfortunately if you don't have them anymore and you are still not able to recover your Auth code you will need to open a ticket in the Lost Auth department to have your Authentication reset on your account. If you are having a trouble opening a ticket, you may private message a volunteer here on forum and ask politely to help you open a ticket in Lost Auth help topic. Include your registered username and ID in the private message. And lastly, please be reminded to not post your personal information such as your email address for your privacy and security reasons. Good day and good luck
  9. 470 KXMAS

    Good job on this power. I hope there's more jellyface looking smilies in the future.
  10. 470 KXMAS

    You can buy one from me 400 xats