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    For a power worth of 1.2k-1.4k xats such as Six power and it has only one smiley. I think Six power should be boosted with more additional evilish looking smilies. Your idea could be incorporated into this Six. btw, we also have Sins power
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    Hello Peeps, presentation

    It's okay we still have pets left that we care for and love much. So not much people around your place have cats?
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    Hello Peeps, presentation

    Aw sorry to hear that @Jine, they are a good breed and grow large. A few months ago one of our dog died. He was 7 years old and is half- St. Bernard and a half-German sheperd, the vet told us that he has a cancer and that it is no longer curable anymore, so my family decided to let of him go rather than he endure so much pain. It was a very tough and a sad decision, in his last days I wasn't able to spend much time with him due to I've been busy in school and I'm regreting it. Now we only have a year old husky and a 2 year old St. Bernard pets + 2 pet cats. Don't want to have pets again?
  4. Hello @Mery ''Hi, what should I do to unlock my account? And dc is blocked, did I change the net provider whether this is the problem? thank you'' - (used google translate) If my understanding is correct, you are locked out of your account. If you are getting the error E29, you will need to create a ticket in ''Locked Out'' help topic. In sure that the subject in ticket is five words or more. If you are unable to open a ticket despite filling in correctly with the required information, you may need to contact a volunteer here on forum and request politely to help you open a ticket. Message a volunteer with the following information: Your registered name and ID Your email associated to the account And the reason for needing a ticket You may message one of the volunteers here: https://forum.xat.com/staff If you are receiving another errors, please let us know so we can better assist you. Also, please refer to our forum guidelines before posting a thread as Stif pointed. Good luck and have a nice day!
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    This is maybe in admin's mind already, if not yet then as others have mentioned like SuperAnimal, SuperFruit, SuperPawn, Supergroup are likely to be made in the future. SuperFX power is not a bad idea, it has a big potential to be added in the future. SuperFX: Lovefx, FireworksFx, Gamefx, Heartfx, Bitefx, Ballfx, Spiralfx, Magicfx, Valfx, Glitterfx, Phasefx, Balloonfx, Gamefx2, Pulsefx, If you're missing more Super powers, there's more more to add to the list since powers are divided into categories.. SuperLove/Hearts - powers related to Valentines Day. ex: Valentine, Romance, Lovemix, Lovemix2, Lovetest, Lovefx, Heartfx, Lovehug, Marriage, Divorce, Single, Amore, Sweetheart, Wedding, KHeart, Burningheart, Love, SuperFood- we have a few of powers that has food related smilies in it ex: Pizza, Bitefx, Cupcake, Feast, Koffee, Ricebowl, SuperSummer- summer related powers ex: Summerland, Summer, Vacation, SummerFlix, Summerhug, Shells, Seaside, Beach, SuperHolidays- christmas and new year related powers can be counted in one group, or have christmas and new year powers have their own super group (Superxmas/SuperNewyear) ex: Christmas, Holidays, Xmasscroll, Kxmas, NewYear, X2D, Fireworksfx, Reindeer, Christmix, Tropicalxmas, Gobble, Santa, Winter, Sleighhug, Songkran, Fireworkshug, Ornaments, Choirhug, Lunar, Hogmanay, Winterland, Snowman, SuperHorror/Scary- holloween related powers ex: Scary, Halloween, Horror, Halloscroll, Graveyard, Boo, Witch, Reaper, Trickortreat, Halloween2, Vampyre, Zombie, Carve, SuperAnimal- animal related powers ex: Animal, Owlie, Tigers, Kworlf, Birdie, Puppy, Hedgehog, Toad, Mousie, KGiraffe, Reindeer, Kcow, Kpeng, Kmonkey, Elephant, Worm, Koala, Caterpillar, Roosters, Lions, Pets, Blubunni, Hamster, Butterflies, Snail, Arachnid, Kmouse, Pony, Kpig, Kbee, Kat, Ksheep, Kduck, Kdog, Kchick, Guineapig, Hippos, Sqanimal, SuperFruit- fruit related powers ex: Fruites, Fruits, Nuts, SuperEaster- easter related powers ex: Ribunny, Easter, Easterland, Ebunny, Easterlove, Easteregg, Eggs, There are more to list...
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    What's your favorite Movie?

    All the parts (old and new) of Jurassic Park and Transformers. I could watch them over and over again.
  7. I dedicate this song @Jine @miaa @Lemona @Rida @Dimple @Isa @Phin and to all the girls I know.
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    dabbing power

    Perhaps this has been forgotten to be added? Do you have a screen of what the smiley looks like?
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    hi , error 55 help me

    Hello @Djr32, If you are receiving the error System problem 55/E55 a ticket will need to be created under Help Topic "Account Block" using the email associated with the account to have this error solved. In order to open a ticket please follow the guide below: Step 1: Clear your cookies/cache and login on xat. Step 2: After logging in successfully, go to ticket page. Fill in the boxes with required information. Choose Account Block as your help topic and the subject in your ticket must at least five words or more. Explain the issue you're having on your account in the message box. Step 3: Click on ''Open Ticket'' button below to submit your ticket and finally wait for a response. Once a volunteer reply to your ticket a notification will be sent to your email. Keep checking your email daily. In case you experience a problem in creating a ticket. You may try to contact a volunteer on forum or on chat and ask politely to help you open a ticket. Message a volunteer with your registered name/ID, the email associated to your account and the reason for needing a ticket. Good luck and have a nice day!
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    Textgrad Power

    I could agree with @LaFleur idea if this can be made possible with client side only having able to use a single a color per messages on the chat, but I think that a gradient texts a little too much.

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