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  1. Where is Waldo?!

    Congrats to the winners @Stif, @Solange, @Lunala and @DjCrazy!! Thanks for joining the contest! To claim your prizes, contact me on Help chat. Bella - kitty (666M)
  2. Where is Waldo?!

    Hey guys! Here, you just need to find me and my friends drinking together and find my favorite drinks too . The 4 winners will win , , , , and 300 xats. Each participant must find one smiley only and the first person to spot the smiley will be chosen as the winner. Good luck all!
  3. Where is Waldo?!

    Hello friends, it's Waldo! How are you all doing? After a couple months of vacation, I'm back and I've decided to put this contest back again. This time I will choose 4 winners only. The winner will be given a prize of powers/xats. I will post more details once I start this contest in 2 hours, so keep an eye on this thread and ready your magnifying glass!
  4. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    🍀 kitty (666000000)
  5. 486 CUPS

    http://prntscr.com/ip44he .-.
  6. 486 CUPS

    Another cute power, great job Cupim! Now we're missing a Pudding power for drinks!
  7. Html music player problem

    Hello @Bmw007, Please edit your chat again and use this code [radioswf:500:500:acf85e217], this should work as I have tested this on a chat. This is how it looks like https://prnt.sc/imd92h
  8. Advanced members

    When's pink color gonna be used?
  9. login id

    Hello @venyn, Could you please give us more details on the issue? If you are able to login on the 3 accounts but are unable to make trade/transfer, what error are you receiving when attempting to trade/transfer? If possible could you take a screenshot of the error please?
  10. 485 ACCESSORY

    hat#hk and hat#hm would be nice as a permanent hats
  11. 485 ACCESSORY

    Awesome one, good job to the smiley creator! Awesome suggestion @Lemona!
  12. Shortname prices.

    As one of the users that owns a lot of shortnames, I know that some of the shortnames are based on popularity but I also wonder how most of the shortnames are too expensive, even a 6-letter shortname costs more than 15k. The last time I checked a shortname was around 20k+ and it decreased now to around 2.3% but it's still expensive for a 6-letter shortname and not really a common or popular name for a person.