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  1. New reputation system

    I think this is unfair the one who made the power should be the one getting the points or perhaps transfer the points (http://prntscr.com/gxmyfd) to the smileymaker.
  2. 463 OCTO

    How about a I think this would be a good idea too with a kiss.
  3. Peluche

    Let's call it a Plush power. Cutie power has this I like the idea of this smiley where the smilies carrying different stuffed toy animals.
  4. WIN 666 XATS (6 WINNERS)

    Where is your doodle entry?
  5. Hey zed! wuzzup? Did you quit xat?(ugh)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Device


      I think I know what he's doing (sman)  !

    3. zed


      Yes maybe

    4. Dimple


      No @6 he just busy he will comeback after fullmoon.

  6. WIN 666 XATS (6 WINNERS)

    behati (88717088) http://prntscr.com/gvoc47 lol Full view here
  7. Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum Kool-aid?
  8. Yes or No

    No, i can't swim lol Do you wanna be a mermaid/merman?
  9. Where is Waldo?!

    I might post again by next week but let's see.
  10. Where is Waldo?!

    Congrat's Solange! Contact me on Trade or Help chat to claim your prize.
  11. Hello everyone! How are you all doing? In this contest I will choose only one winner. So ready your magnifying glass, sharpen your vision, hurry and find Waldo! Oh and don't forget to follow our contest and events guidelines. I'm the prize holder of this contest behati (88717088). Prizes: ( nightmare, keveggie, flgpwn, drawn, kloud, fall, boo, popcorns, meow, kloud, cuticorn ) Example on how to spot Waldo and submit your entry: http://prntscr.com/gvbuv4 ( either u encircle or point arrow is fine lol ) I'm Waldo In this contest, all you need to do is find me on the picture below. https://imgur.com/xGZuNWy.png - the picture link Good luck ya'll!!!
  12. Yellow Smiley Filter Power

    Sounds cute, this filter feature is something that xat should add on xat app. The idea of having able to add a filter on xat avatars would really be funny.
  13. 462 MARK

    Are the colors set to red and white only?