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  1. hello. there is no time limit you have to wait patiently for your ticket
  2.   NpP3w00.jpg

    best wishes

  3. https://prnt.sc/k9ba4l (A1ADORE#M#A1ADORE#FFFFFF#8B008B#FFFFFF#FWINGS#F781F3#ANGEL#HALO#FFFFFF) xtAttilio (12277824)
  4. good idea it would take a (limit of messages) and changes to change the message.
  5. Atti

    happy birthday Cami (hug)

  6. Atti

    Allow Sounds

    a good idea to change powerBump startup sound
  7. you have to send a ticket click here https://util.xat.com/support/open.php in help topic insert account block. in Subject enter your subject more than 5 words. in message your problem that gives you your error. the ticket please write in English
  8. everyone is good at the task of following the rules and respecting their work as a volunteer, for the xat.com community
  9. Happy Birthday 🎂

    1. Brandy


      Thanks atti (hug)

  10. Atti


    xtAttilio (12277824)
  11. Happy Birthday 🎂

  12. Atti

    Yes or No

    No would change the world with your dream ?
  13. Happy  brithday 🎂  

  14. 40 years. I would go back 20
  15. Atti

    happy birthday :d

    1. Flake


      thx atti!! (wailing)

  16. Your account is held indefinitely. Blocks all outgoing trades and transfers. A ticket must be created under Account Block help topic to solve this error. https://util.xat.com/support/
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