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  1. Atti

    WIN 1K Xats

    I participate xtAttiLio (12277824)
  2. Duygu above all it is a good idea and go ahead with good smiley proposals
  3. Atti


    hello Sevda(blowkiss)

    1. Sevda


      Ciao Atti (hug) 


    affectionate greeting has all xat.com users. everything will be fine (hug)

  5. now works or reset my password
  6. hello. there is no time limit you have to wait patiently for your ticket
  7.   NpP3w00.jpg

    best wishes

  8. https://prnt.sc/k9ba4l (A1ADORE#M#A1ADORE#FFFFFF#8B008B#FFFFFF#FWINGS#F781F3#ANGEL#HALO#FFFFFF) xtAttilio (12277824)
  9. good idea it would take a (limit of messages) and changes to change the message.
  10. Atti

    happy birthday Cami (hug)

  11. Atti


    xtAttilio (12277824)
  12. Atti

    Allow Sounds

    a good idea to change powerBump startup sound
  13. you have to send a ticket click here https://util.xat.com/support/open.php in help topic insert account block. in Subject enter your subject more than 5 words. in message your problem that gives you your error. the ticket please write in English
  14. everyone is good at the task of following the rules and respecting their work as a volunteer, for the xat.com community
  15. Atti


    xtAttilio (12277824)
  16. Happy Birthday 🎂

    1. Brandy


      Thanks atti (hug)

  17. Atti


    xtAttilio (12277824)
  18. Happy Birthday 🎂

  19. Atti

    Yes or No

    No would change the world with your dream ?
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