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  1. HI S0NIC (1285103967) - Are you human? No, I'm an alien, coming from the planet of Mars. I have infiltrated your internet network, we have been investigating your old-fashioned technology Its life is based on carbon and oxygen this we expel it by the butt, which means that its life is to bases of wastes
  2. Make of your dreams a real

  3. Learn to be alone, because with yourself you will spend the rest of your life

  4. The same life gives you the best lessons.

  5. You can do it if you decide.

  6. Find happiness in everything you do

  7. The magic of love is that it makes you feel even in the worst moments of life.

  8. Interesting ... nice to sight this power
  9. It's time to shape the future not be a victim of it.

  10. There are no small dreams, there are no impossible dreams, there are only dreamers who do not have the great strength of the will, to make each of their dreams come true. 

  11. If for money you can make the impossible possible, you must do it also for love.

  12. the sun will rise and we will try again.

  13. While more above you be more  will be alone.  Try not to forget this

  14. The only pain you should feel in your life is the pain of laughing so much in the stomach.

  15. It's good to dream but do not forget to live

    1. Math


      hmm, great man!

  16. You are only the means to an end.

  17. There are only friends with benefits

  18. Hello, without much decorations ... I suggest a function that allows to save the list of friends as [backup] where you can save in a file, which with another option can be sent to another account. It simply is: Save a friend in a file that we will use to get it in case it has been deleted or we want to add it to a new account.
  19. We all have a hidden treasure, we just have to find it

  20. Congratulations, Success in your life, enjoy


    1. LaFleur


      Thank you sonic!

  21. With the look to the front and with the dreams high, so that they do not humillen you

  22. Joshe

    Ban-all power

    I support this, can be configured through gcontrol, who can use this. Also, it can be classified, to ban all guests without records
  23. Olá, então eu verificar para ver isso. Este chat é todo preto, e a parte de edição sai em branco, não deixe ele fazer qualquer coisa. Eu vi esse problema mais. Para enviar o bilhete não é necessário estar pagando usuário 1) Leve pegar o seu bate-papo, como mostrado: Tomar um screenshot 2)Você deve abrir um "bilhete" no departamento: CHAT BLOCK Enter: Ticket 3) Preencha os campos senha da conta 4) No tópico de ajuda escolha: CHAT BLOCK 5) Em Assunto/Subject: 6) Mensagem: 7) Clic OPEN TICKET Se você não pode abrir o bilhete, informe-nos aqui @Admin : Review this, because, I've seen this same problem in other users
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