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  1. Hi, This ID is SELL , for more information: E-mail a private message or add me / f1285103967
  2. A new day brings new opportunities

  3. May the wind carry what is necessary and bring me enough

  4. I like these designs. Good job
  5. It can be equally useful, than the command to add a friend with the ID I do not see anything bad to this, so we also avoid touching the nick with the people who have the power tickle I have annoyed lol But, I would have to see how to enter this function to send a candle without matter in the chat that the person, as long as we have it in friends, I like this Thanks for this @BestNeedsHisAcc
  6. I invite you to be happy, with the idea of acceptance

  7. A look back at the past is to relive the lived

  8. Men also cry

  9. Looking to a horizon with hope

  10. Wake up, this is not the dream you crave

  11. This I really like, and even more, that I'm attending university in chemistry class and laboratory, I like this a lot.
  12. You have to lose yourself to find you

  13. If someone gives you something, accept it with love and appreciation

  14. You want to be happy for life, take Arsenic. Periodic table with the symbol AsĀ 

  15. As you have said, this is a very strange thing, after performing every step that I indicate, both here and in the private. It can be a bug generated in your account, it is not your browser, nor internal problems, because creating the new account works normal. I think with the creation of a ticket to investigate more funds with this problem and give a true solution He says he has a lot of friends added, and there will be some limited store of friends in the accounts, this would be possible or could cause this problem of not being able to save friends,to sign in. Unless it is proven in a way that this is true @muffins You can read this case