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  1. For now, you can change the language at the new homepage as Laming described it above. An easier setting will be added in the near future.


    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed.


    If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

  2. 3 hours ago, Addict said:

    TF do I need with notifications if I can’t transfer xats pen😤


    Notifcations, Transfer and BFF/Marriage should work properly now (if not, please re-login once). If still not despite logging in, let me know.

  3. Uploading images on xat directly would surely be more user friendly, however having them approved first would defy its purpose so it should be instant as Crow mentioned


    It may only problematic in terms of copyright and inappropriate images as xat may be held liable for storing them on their servers, however this is something that would have to be looked into (i.e. what are the laws, is a report image option enough and so on).


    Regarding storage and its costs, this could be minimized if you only allow one image per registered account (unregistered users cannot upload images directly) or like one avatar / one pcback / one inner and one outer image (for groups) per registered account.

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  4. iOS version 1.20.0 September 20 is now available for everyone on the App Store. Changelog updated.


    Please update as soon as possible.


    Note: Notifications and Transfer may not work at the moment. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

  5. As mentioned above, Internet Explorer is not suited well for xat, thus there may be issues such as this one.


    Please use another browser such as Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox. This topic is now closed.


    If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

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