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  1. On 11/14/2019 at 2:59 AM, batuelmejor2010 said:

    https://xat.com/diego1414cp - 


    the chats has been delete/cloned  and created again


    these don't seem to be cloned (however you may still post the old chat ids)


    45 minutes ago, adamtoox said:

    Hi! Royalfm has been fixed. xat.com/magiainimii still has an issue, I can not gain main owner rights with my old password. 


    can you please post the chat id (of the previous chat before it was re-created)

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  3. Hello.


    We would love to assist you in this matter, but without more information it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to provide you with instructions for how to resolve this issue.


    If more information is not provided in the near future, this topic may be locked due to lack of feedback.


    Should the topic be closed to new replies and you want it unlocked, you may send a private message to one of the forum staff with their messenger enabled or report the post to notify a moderator that you wish to update your thread.

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