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  1. I like the fact that these "waste" powers want to bring across a message about the environment, however it was brought to my attention by users (and I think the same), we shouldn't ignore the fact that these smilies are hardly useable. For example, you cannot combine them with other smilies and you can hardly utilize them in messages as a reaction.


    By the looks of it, the idea seems to be that there will be many more of these 'waste' powers, considering how many types of 'waste' there are. I suggest that you take a different approach to this @Mihay. Perhaps you don't have to create many separate powers regarding the same topic, instead you could make one single set of smilies i.e. (waste) which include yellow smilies but also smilies that are more different to each other (e.g. plastic on the ocean or garbage separation and so on), similarly to Eco power.

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  2. You can now also add clickable content on xatframes. The clickable area is below the chat/banner at a certain position (please see the image below).



    This may vary depending on your screen size.


    By removing all tabs from your group, the bottom tabs navigation is not shown (as you can see above in the image).

    If you choose to keep tabs, the tab is loaded by default and the user has to minimize the navigation by clicking "close" to reach the clickable area.


    By utilizing clicks you can for example add your own navigation or add buttons which upon click change the background or add different effects.


    We will provide a xatframe with clickable content on the library soon.

  3. He means the "Sign in me automatically" option we have in Flash. If you un-check, you need to press the "Sign in" button by yourself.


    This option hasn't been added to HTML5 yet.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Toby said:

    is it power for everyone or just another main owner then?


    It's a group power which also the manager (manager = the person who logins with group password to the edit page) to add selective permissions when adding a new main owner.


    You can also add main owners without this power, but if you do so, it gives the new main owner full permissions (appearance, tabs, settings, group powers).




    Once you assign and activate the (Main) group power, you can select which permissions you want to give. For example, you can add the user "LaFleur" as main owner with the permissions for "appearance" and "tabs" only.




    So if LaFleur is logging in to the new edit group with the user account password (not group password!), only the "appearance" and "tabs" pages will be visible.



  5. This is now out of public beta and live. You can access it by the links and buttons on the HTML5 web / chat.


    Furthermore, some of your feedbacks have been implemented. Thank you!


    We'll very soon replace the old edit group, create group and events page.

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  6. It's good this is brought up again. I agree that more hats would be nice to have, people just love them. Your examples are well done.


    You could say this one already exists in Hats powers:


    9sYBp4b.png -->  DV00rj0.png

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  7. Join us at the new official xat HTML5 only chat and become a part of the xat developement!


    Test the new HTML5 version of xat, discuss ideas/improvements, request assistance or just get to know HTML5 with the wiki pages below the chat.


    We are there, and will listen to your feedback! All languages welcome.


    75px-HTML5_Logo.png Join now: https://xat.com/html5

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