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  1. Join us at the new official xat HTML5 only chat and become a part of the xat developement!


    Test the new HTML5 version of xat, discuss ideas/improvements, request assistance or just get to know HTML5 with the wiki pages below the chat.


    We are there, and will listen to your feedback! All languages welcome.


    75px-HTML5_Logo.png Join now: https://xat.com/html5

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  2. We have had many reports in the past about this issue on the HTML5 chat:




    Clicking "Sign in" would not let you sign in. This usually happened when you joined html5 for the first time, probably on a new device.


    Our question to you: Do you experience this issue currently?


    Thank you.

  3. Seems sweet. Remember that "super" in power name is usually only reserved for collections (example supersummer).


    On another note, there is already a "elephant" power:




    and a elephant smiley in (songkran): GJABQZG.png


    So if it would be made, the smilies got to be different and unique, but your suggestions appear to be so.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Leandro said:

    If you owner someone at your chat, it's because you have enough trust in them to manage your chat, so I'm not sure why all the fuss is about if owners couldn't see invisible main owners or not. Just seems fishy/weird to me.


    1 hour ago, Stif said:

    Honestly, doesn't matter if the owners you have on your chat are trusted or not. Sometimes you just want to be watching things without letting other people know that you're there, you might want not to be bothered. You want to watch out with some peace and the power should allow you to have all these possibilities.


    Maybe we can make this optional with Gcontrol (in the future).

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  5. "Assign / un-assign all your powers" is something that will likely be added into the Html5 chat, once assign/unassign powers is being implemented.


    "Activate / deactivate all powers" from a group will be possible on the new edit group (to be released soon).

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    What does this mean? i.e. does banning make you visible again?


    It means:

    • If you send a message in private chat, you are still invisible
    • if you take an action (eg ban), you are still invisible (the ban message will appear however)
    • if you send a message in main tab, you are NOT invisible anymore
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