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  1. LaFleur

    Powers merging

    Considering this closed until further notice. Could've been an internet connection delay causing it.
  2. LaFleur

    entry html5

    He means the "Sign in me automatically" option we have in Flash. If you un-check, you need to press the "Sign in" button by yourself. This option hasn't been added to HTML5 yet.
  3. LaFleur

    598 MAIN

    It's a group power which also the manager (manager = the person who logins with group password to the edit page) to add selective permissions when adding a new main owner. You can also add main owners without this power, but if you do so, it gives the new main owner full permissions (appearance, tabs, settings, group powers). Once you assign and activate the (Main) group power, you can select which permissions you want to give. For example, you can add the user "LaFleur" as main owner with the permissions for "appearance" and "tabs" only. So if LaFleur is logging in to the new edit group with the user account password (not group password!), only the "appearance" and "tabs" pages will be visible.
  4. The old create group, edit group and events page has been abolished now. #chats is now live everywhere!
  5. A new version is available. Changelog updated.
  6. We have removed autofill on the upcoming version, so I'll consider this fixed. Thanks.
  7. We will fix this with upcoming html5/web update. Thanks for point this issue out.
  8. After Twitter and Facebook, xat sets foot in the next social media platform - Instagram. Win xats, exclusive contests, stay up-to-date on powers, features, HTML5 and much more! Follow xat on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xat.chats/
  9. Happy Birthday Echo!


    Happy Birthday Cat GIF

  10. LaFleur

    Powers merging

    Still can't reproduce this. Did it happen again?
  11. This is fixed on next version. Thanks.
  12. This should be fixed on next version. Thanks.
  13. LaFleur

    HTML5 colours

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. LaFleur

    Message bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Changed Priority to Priority: Trivial
  17. LaFleur

    Buy group

    We had put a success/confirmation message with the previous web update. So this is considered fixed now. Thank you.
  18. Congratulations @Luana !
  19. @Andre Any idea how this could happen? Perhaps there's a limited amount of chracters the .txt can have?
  20. This is now out of public beta and live. You can access it by the links and buttons on the HTML5 web / chat. Furthermore, some of your feedbacks have been implemented. Thank you! We'll very soon replace the old edit group, create group and events page.
  21. New version available. A huge update with new features such as timestamps, new Xavi app, flood limit optimization and much more. See all above!
  22. The xatframe library is a brand new page, which provides a list of xatframes submitted by the community. Each one of them is approved by xat. Please note: Since the library has just been introduced, there's only one example. Using a xatframe Go the xatframe library, here. Click “copy” on any xatframe. Add the link to the xatframe field on the new editgroup (appearance tab). Save changes and xatframe will be live on your group. https://xat.com/html5 Submitting a xatframe Any xat user can make a xatframe submission. It will then be reviewed by xat. If approved, your xatframe will appear on the library. When submitting please consider all the points and guidelines mentioned in the form. You can make a submission here. We are looking forward to your xatframes! What’s a xatframe? Xatframe replaces custom CSS on the HTML5 group pages. They allow more advanced and easy customization including animations by using HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can read more about xatframes here. Versão em português Versión en español Versione italiana Türkçe versiyon Versiune română
  23. I think xat doesn’t have any smilies related to Oriental countries / Arabic / Turkish / Balkan etc. I propose we have an (oriental) power. I have gathered some potentital smilies. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them below. Cay Popular black tea Surahi Type of a vessel used for storing water Simit Popular circular bread covered with sesam Ayran Popular salty yogurt drink mixed with water Fez Cylindrical hat, usually red color, attached with a tassel Smiley: Yellow smiley wearing the hat Baklava Popular dessert made of thin pastry, nuts, and honey.
  24. LaFleur

    Rapid reason

    Changed Priority to Priority: Trivial
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