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    Hello @srbi9o. Try clearing your cache and see if that resolves it. If not, it may be related to a browser extension or an anti virus program that blocks certain xat content - in that case try whitelisting "xat.com".
  2. @Amnaa Bosnian is fixed now. You should see the Bosnian groups on homepage now.
  3. @Amnaa The following languages have been added: - Albanian - Bosnian - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch - Greek - Polish - Serbian We consider this support topic conluded now. Thank you for bringing this up. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  4. This is already possible with "Mentions" actually, which is a feature of xat's desktop notifications. You can set it up on Account Settings -> Notifications ->Mentions. However, this desktop notification will only show up when the browser is minimized or when you're on another browser tab. It could be extended so that it shows while you're on the chat page and/or when you're on another tab within the chat e.g. private chat. An optional combination of Mark keywords sounds good too, but for simplicity I'd rather put a setting for "Mentions" such as "High
  5. Quite a different power!
  6. I see something related to Kaspersky in the errors. Are you able to set an exception for xat.com on Kaspersky? For reference, please see: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/error/other/15335 That should likely resolve it.
  7. Hello @RaptorlJesus. Please provide us a screenshot from the console as Sloom mentioned. Also, do you run any program that may affect websites i.e. an antivirus with web safety?
  8. @Enter A test power will be given to you this week, since Night Mode was implemented in 1.53. This was done based on your suggestion here and the positive resonance by the community. For clarification, a Night Mode for the web pages may be added in future as well. The xat.me/profiles/xatspace page on the other hand is still very old and we will first bring out a new version of it.
  9. Version 1.53 is now out! Changelog updated.
  10. Version 1.53 is now out! Changelog updated.
  11. Como hablamos sobre esto en privado y aclaramos que ya estaba solucionado, considerar├ę que este problema est├í resuelto. Gracias por su paciencia y disculpa por los inconvenientes causados.
  12. @Noahcito Se aplic├│ una posible soluci├│n, ┬┐podr├şa iniciar sesi├│n en https://xat.com/login e intentarlo de nuevo? Por favor, av├şseme sobre el resultado. ┬íGracias!
  13. @Dani-De-Virreyes Please try again now. Sorry for the inconveniences.
  14. @Dani-De-Virreyes It should be resolved now, please try again.
  15. @Noahcito ┬┐Borraste completamente la memoria cach├ę de tu navegador recientemente? Si no es as├ş, h├ígalo y av├şseme si puede conectarse. Aseg├║rate de borrarlo por completo, normalmente tienes que seleccionar "toda" en lugar de "1 hora" al eliminarlo. Gracias.
  16. Flash has been ultimately disabled by Adobe today. This means the xat Flash chat cannot be used anymore. The new xat (html5) chat already runs and you can continue chatting as usual!
  17. Hello @Amnaa, could you please give me a list of languages that still have popular groups (which you miss)? Thanks.
  18. @Noahcito, estamos investigando esto actualmente. Disculpe las molestias.
  19. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  20. @surda Please try out the new pwa app: https://forum.xat.com/topic/16404-new-xat-progressive-web-app-pwa-out-now/ It should fix your problem.
  21. xat implemented the new Progressive Web Application (PWA) for groups. This allows you to run the latest new xat chat mobile version like a native app, which you usually would download from App Stores. It works on Android and iOS. It can also be used on Desktop. How can I install it? Android iOS Desktop
  22. ┬┐Puede decirles que se pongan en contacto conmigo en privado, por favor? @Jean /f517650537
  23. S├ş, se resolvi├│. ┬┐Puede decirles que borren la memoria cach├ę del navegador y luego vuelva a intentarlo?
  24. ┬┐Funciona ahora? Hemos solucionado el problema. Si no funciona, borre la memoria cach├ę de su navegador. Gracias. @Noahcito
  25. ┬┐Funciona ahora? Hemos solucionado el problema. Si no funciona, borre la memoria cach├ę de su navegador. Gracias. @pakyy
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