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  1. With the new official xat HTML5 testing chat - https://xat.com/html5 - coming to life, we are introducing an old/new exciting system! Each month a user will be picked as the new main owner! This first pick will be on June 1st, 2020. The new main owner will be revealed on the 1st of each month on xat.com/HTML5 and later announced here on this topic. More information about the official xat HTML5 chat can be found here. FAQ Main Owner list: #1 June 1st, 2020: TBA!
  2. Join us at the new official xat HTML5 only chat and become a part of the xat developement! Test the new HTML5 version of xat, discuss ideas/improvements, request assistance or just get to know HTML5 with the wiki pages below the chat. We are there, and will listen to your feedback! All languages welcome. Join now: https://xat.com/html5
  3. Here's another example: https://xat.com/html5

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  5. A new version is available. Changelog updated.
  6. #chats - Easy editing. New features. Mobile-friendly. #chats is the brand new platform that contains: # create group # edit group # events Each page comes with major improvements and/or new features, which are mobile-friendly. Our highlight is #editgroup, which will bring a new and better experience for managing your group. A quick overview of #editgroup features and changes: Change group and chat background color (with a color picker). xatframe group styling Add mobile-only background. Simple tabs editing. Group power search, filter and import/export. Add and manage main owners, who can edit your group with their account password. Once logged into the edit group menu, you see the #editgroup interface: The new #editgroup comes with 5 tabs: # appearance # tabs # settings # group powers # main owners and an additional tab for embedding your group. Let’s take a tour through each tab. Then we’ll check out the changes for create group and events. But first a big thanks goes out to @SLOom who has been highly involved in this project! #appearance This is where you can customize the look of your group. You can change: Group background. Group custom CSS: A separate field is added for CSS code only. Once you type here, the group background field will be overwritten and disabled. NOTE: Custom css will not be supported on the new web, use xatframe instead. Group xatframe: This is newest feature that allows you to change the background style and content of your group using a html xatframe link. Only new web. We currently only allow github.io links. See more information about this feature, here. Chat background. Chat button color. Mobile portrait background. This is where you can set the mobile-only background. Please note that this will work after the next mobile app update. #tabs With #tabs, you can simply edit the bottom tabs that are shown on your group. If you have no tabs set, you first have to add one by clicking the green plus icon. You also have the option to restore tabs from a backup file by clicking the yellow back icon. Once a tab has been added or once you have restored your tabs, you can change the default tab name and add content to your tab with the new modern editor. You can also remove a tab by clicking the red X icon. Something else that was not possible on the old design is the ability to change the order of tabs. To do so, simply click the blue arrow icon. In the pop-up window, click the tab name and use the up or down button. The last option, by clicking the yellow back icon, allows you to download a backup of your tabs and restore the backup. NOTE: Changes only take effect after clicking the save button! #settings This is where you can alter the configurations of your group. #settings is divided into three parts: General settings, additional options and the miscellaneous part. The first part allows you to change your group information, change the language of your group (for xat homepage lists and promotion) and the radio station that is played inside the chat. Next, with additional options, you can toggle options like incognito or members only. Please note that live mode is not usable anymore. Lastly, we have the miscellaneous part. This is the sensitive part and contains 5 buttons with each opening a pop-up window to complete the action. manage: Make and restore a backup file of your chat users. change password: Change the group password. reset: Reset your chat. delete group: Cease managing and delete your group information. get main: Get your main owner rank back if you lost it (e.g. by guestself). #group powers The #grouppowers tab comes with many new options and an entirely new look. Assigned and un-assigned powers are now differentiated. Depending on the power, an entry can have an input field, an edit button or nothing. Clicking the edit button will open a pop-up window that makes editing very simple. More new features are: Total assigned: See how many powers you have assigned in total. A search bar: Search by power name or power ID. Filter Option: Show assigned, un-assigned group powers only or both. Export/Import: You can now export your power configurations and also import them. In the pop-up window, you can also specifically select which powers you want to export or import. It should be noted that powers with default settings cannot be exported (but if there is one customized value, it can be exported). Neither can you import if the import file contains a power that is not assigned on your group. Activate/deactivate all: With this new option, all powers that are currently shown (considering your search or filter) are activated or deactivated at once. Gcontrol: Two new Gcontrol options come with the new editgroup: ‘Can Mute’ - Select which rank (mod-main) is able to use Mute power. ‘Can Delete’ - Select which rank (mod-main) is able to delete chat messages. #mainowners With this tab, a brand new feature has been added that allows you to easily manage your main owner team. You do not have to share your group password anymore! The design is as follows: You can add new main owners by their username or ID. Once a new user has been added as a main owner, they obtain main owner rank on the chat. Furthermore, they get access to the edit group. In order to do so, they must log in with their user account password (from xat login). By default, they can then edit all four editgroup tabs: appearance, tabs, settings and group powers. Permissions power - If a group has the new Permissions group power assigned, you can also add selective group permissions. For example, you can add a user who will only have access to the “appearance” tab. This power is not yet available due to public beta. More information will follow soon. Main owners that have been added are shown in the list below. To update the permissions of a main owner, you must simply re-add them. To remove a main owner, click the icon in the “remove” column and confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. Further notes: Main owners do not have access to the “Miscellaneous” part in the settings tab, even if “settings” is chosen in permissions. Only the actual group main owner can use those options. Once a new main owner has been added on the new edit group, all existing main owners (which were added on the old web) will be removed automatically. Furthermore, you cannot become main owner on the old web version, which will soon be removed. If a group owner used the “get main” button in #setting, they will be automatically added to the #mainowners list. #embed Upon clicking the tab with the purple embed icon at the very right, a window pops up. Here you can copy the code for embedding your chat group on an external page. You can change the size either by clicking the Small, Medium or Large button or manually by changing the width or height on the input fields. The input values are proportionally changing, meaning if you change the width, the height will automatically adjust. The code is updated automatically too. #creategroup The overall look for the create group page has been refurbished. It also comes with minor improvements compared to the older version, such as better descriptions and the removal of unused content. #events Just like the other pages, #events along with eventstats has also been improved with bug fixes and a mobile-friendly design. Events changes and fixes: On the Type field, you now see an icon depending on the type. “Promotion” and “restore” (Manage power) events would not show up; this has been fixed. By clicking the ID1, you can demote the staff if you have a high enough rank. Doing so will now open a pop-up window to simply execute the demotion. Slotban has been added to the “power” selection. Issues with redcard events have been fixed. “Make guest” type has been removed as this is included under “demote to guest”. Multiple types such as dunce, badge and naughty would not work when choosing types; this has been fixed as well. ...................................................................................................... Try it out: #chats is currently in public beta. If you want to test/use it on your group, you must use this link: https://xat.com/chats?&roomid=219340552&GroupName=lafleurshome Replace “lafleurshome” with your chat to edit your group. if you want to make “events” work for your group, add your group/room id after roomid=, else it will use “219340552” which is for lafleurshome Public beta notes: Group activation and delete group emails have not been updated with new links yet, so this may not work yet. The “custom CSS” field under #appearance only applies on the old web. To use custom css on the new web, you must use xatframe [link]. If wanted, you can apply a background/custom CSS on the old web and at the same time use xatframe to style your group appearance on the new web. So they can work simultaneously. Wiki links may not have been created or updated yet. We welcome you to provide feedback, suggestions and bug reports. It was a long journey to get this ready, but we are happy with the results and hope you are too!
  7. xatframe - a new way to style your group, with animations and more! xatframe group styling is a new edit group and new web feature. It replaces custom CSS codes, which can no longer be used on the new web. How does it work? Simply put an HTML link within the xatframe link field. Then, the codes that are written on the HTML page will apply to the background of your group page. On the new edit group, there is an option to set an xatframe link. All you need to do is put a html link in this field. Once done, the codes that are written in the html page will simply apply to the background of your group page. Where do I get the HTML links? Currently, since the new edit group is still in public beta, only links with the github.io domain will work. You can for example create a github.io HTML page, customize it to your needs and add it to the new edit group xatframefield. Learn more about how to create a github.io page. For an example, visit https://lafleurengine.github.io/iframes/index.html and feel free to try it out on your group. In the future, there will be a store to choose templates from. What can my HTML include? Your HTML page can include HTML, CSS or even Javascript code! With Javascript, you can for example, make cool effects, generate random numbers or use other Javascript codes. Important: Although Javascript is limited on group xatframes, you should not try to use malicious content, such as making users click something. Regardless of this limitation, any abuse or attempts to harm users are considered a breach of xat’s Terms of Service. For live preview examples, visit: https://xat.com/lafleurshome?new https://xat.com/rubyyy?new Questions? If you have any questions or need help, let us know.
  8. A new version is available (May 18, 2020). Changelog updated. Friend search, kisses and more!
  9. Hello. This is happening due to a change on the Chrome browser. Your group most likely uses a "http" radio url, however Chrome does not allow "http" radio streams to be played anymore. So if you want a radio to be played on your chat you must use a "https" radio url.
  10. First close all chats. Open one single HTML5 chat. Simply remove the space between the codes in your name, then click save and the spaces should be gone. If it doesn't work, please make a gif/video.
  11. This is most likely not a bug with hats, as the "new" pawn/at could be just loading slow. If you wait 5-10 seconds, does your pawn appear on the userlist? (This would still be a bug but related to getstrip8, not hats.)
  12. Thank you for reporting this issue. We're already aware of this. You will be notified once this is fixed.
  13. Since we're aware of this issue, this thread is now locked. An update will be posted here once it's resolved.
  14. LaFleur

    Tickle issues

    Since we're aware of this issue, this thread is now locked. An update will be posted here once it's resolved.
  15. Since we're aware of this issue, this thread is now locked. An update will be posted here once it's resolved.
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