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  1. Is this the most beautiful and peaceful soundtrack? 



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    2. Mystic


      I know really the big 3 shonen such as Bleach,Naruto,and One Piece have been around for so long and had a big impact in my childhood. I am 19 now. I miss Bleach a lot and this soundtrack brings back lots of memories. I remember this soundtrack was played a lot in the best arc in Bleach imo which was the Soul Society arc. I think the soundtrack is sad to me because it's always played in the most emotional moments, such as when Grimjow was about to hurt Orihime and Ichigo bruised/ battered somehow blocked the attack with his hollow mask almost broken. Bleach had a lot of great moments and is really sad the series is dead and their isn't anymore of it. Even in Japan, you don't find a lot of Bleach related content anymore and their isn't much hope for Bleach in spite of the series being so great. 2/3 of the big 3 have ended only leaving One Piece and it seems a lot of newer anime like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia are taking their place. It honestly makes me feel so old now that the things are changing. Bleach will always hold a great place in my heart and this soundtrack brings back a lot of past emotions I felt when I was younger.

    3. LaFleur


      Agreed, Soul Society was the best arc. 


      I also heard there's a chance it might return in 2019.

    4. Mystic



      I know their has been rumors of its return for a while. Do you think they will really adapt the Thousand Year Blood War to an anime? People have been saying it will return but it never came back. For example the announcement of a live action film was cancelled.

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