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  1. hello can help about html player if you have scripts what the player looks like and how to make it so I can log it in xat chat I would be grateful if you help me with this and I need a program that can open html players

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    2. Crow




      Could you open a topic here please: https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/


      We'll try to help you as much as possible there.

    3. xLaming


      Hey @djmisko1234,


      Radios in format SWF is not allowed in xatRadio anymore, only HTML.


      You can edit/create "player scripts" using any IDE such as Sublime Text, or Notepad ++.


      There are some player generators that you can use and customize, such as https://www.whsh4u.com/HTML5-Player.php or https://streamuphosting.co.uk/html-5-player-generator/ once you generated your player you download the HTML file in your PC and edit it.


      After that you need to upload it on xatRadio by following this tutorial: https://xatradio.com/help

    4. djmisko1234


      thank you very much and do you have a script or something missing for the player and I know when I make it that I need it at https://xatradio.com/help

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