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  1. @Lily Please notify me by PM once a prize holder has been found, you may also report this post, asking for it to be reopened. Until then the topic is closed.
  2. LaFleur


    @maxo Your topic has been merged with another earlier topic regarding Crystal pawn. Please use the search function next time, your suggestion may already be there. Thanks.
  3. LaFleur

    "Are You Human"

    Hello @Ravey, were you able to resolve this issue? We would be happy to hear from you soon.
  4. Hello, please note that you need to find a verified prize holder. This can be a volunteer, a forum moderator, a bot provider or one of the users listed here: https://forum.xat.com/topic/31-verified-prize-holders/ Thanks for your understanding.
  5. LaFleur

    cuenta bloqueada error 55

    La pregunta o preguntas en este tema han sido respondidas y una respuesta ha sido marcada. Este tema está cerrado. Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abre un nuevo tema.
  6. LaFleur

    How to close this ticket ?

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  7. LaFleur

    HTML5 Interface Update

    We should keep in mind that xat may want to preserve its overall user interface, whether it's the chat or the new web. I'm sure they could've created a Discord 2.0, but that wouldn't be xat anymore, would it? While the new web looks like it doesn't bring many changes, it actually does and I'm not sure why new features wouldn't matter. I'm quite excited about them. So let's take a look, what actually seems to be different? We now see groups which are currently promoted. I think that's pretty cool for people who often promote their groups. There's a quick access to featured, popular, supported groups, as well as groups with games. We now have a linking to the xat facebook page. It's more obvious what options you have for the group you're at (embed, inapp, maybe more in future?). There's now a login button, a logout button. There's account information (perhaps we'd see more information in future, such as if your account is held). It appears we'll be able to edit Settings soon, which is a good step in the right direction to get rid of the macros-mentality. The bottom navigation is more dynamic, I like the fact that it doesn't reload the page anymore, when you switch tabs. Overall the design is more elegant and modern. I think Admins did a pretty good job, and I think it makes sense to introduce this now, as xat is slowly getting rid of flash, switching over to HTML5 entirely soon.
  8. LaFleur

    514 NOCARA

    The name of a power should be the least of a problem. I'd say, keep it.
  9. LaFleur

    New messages do not load

    Please make a bug report, here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/mobile-applications/ Thank you.
  10. LaFleur


    Como no has respondido más a este tema, asumo que esto fué solucionado. Este tema está cerrado. Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abre un nuevo tema.
  11. LaFleur

    Power "DUNCE"

    Dunce power itself works. However, as you mentioned, the only difference is that you can't dunce another user with the same rank (which is possible in the Flash chat). This missing option was forwarded to the Admins a while ago and it may be changed in the HTML5 chat too, at a future time. Thanks for letting us know either way. For any other bug reports in the future, please use the Bug Tracker: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/ To obtain information regarding the HTML5 chat updates, please see: https://forum.xat.com/topic/5488-html5-chat-changelog/
  12. LaFleur

    buy id 6 dgt

    Since there has been no activity for four or more weeks, this topic has been closed. If you believe this was done in error, please contact a moderator or volunteer to have the topic opened. You can also report this post to notify a moderator that you want it opened.
  13. LaFleur

    513 EYEEYE

    How about eyes which are turning red (devilish-like): The red color could be modifiable, so you can also let it turn into yellow or black, whatsoever. --- Another idea is to add eyes with one eye having a scar:
  14. LaFleur


    @Wizh, pudiste resolver el problema? Estamos mirando adelante a la audición de usted pronto.

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